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    Why AI and Algorithms are utter rubbish

    If you correct it and tell ChatGPT that it's not Yorkshire it will eventually work out it's Cumbrian. Considering I struggle to tell the difference, it's pretty impressive!
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    Why AI and Algorithms are utter rubbish

    Well AI translated that without any trouble......
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    BCA 2024 AGM

    The BCA constitution does state that the minutes from general meetings have to be "made available" to the membership no longer than 6 weeks after the meeting - a reasonable interpretation would be for them to be published on the website. I seem to remember the same thing happening for the 2022...
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    Hut Fees in the Dales

    Perfect, thanks all!
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    Hut Fees in the Dales

    Hi All Does anybody know what the current hut fees are for both the CPC and YSS? I can't find it on their website. Information about members, guests and students would be useful. Thanks! B
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    Cost of cylinder testing?

    Hey John Just spoke to Aqualogistics in Stockport as I need to get some sorted myself. They charge £34 for a hydrostatic plus £12 extra for o2 clean if you want it. I'm going to head there at some point in the next week to drop some off if you want any taking over. I'm in the Dales this...
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    Distox trouble !!

    Sounds like it might be in silent mode, try pressing the following: AREA AREA REF REF CLR B
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    CDG NL 228 Jul 2023

    NL 228 is available on the website, do you can download it if you like! B
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    CNCC Meeting 21st October 2023

    DistoXs are also in very short supply. There were some boards available from China, but they have some downsides and I don't know if there are any remaining. They now require the newest version of the x310, which due to the fact that it's out of production, are rather hard to source. It can...
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    Help! (Scurion charger needed for trip to Mendip)

    I live in East Manchester - so not too far out your way. I have a USB charger you can have and I'll be around tonight. Send me a message on 07702836559 and I can sort you out. B (FYI I also work for Scurion!) (edit: just realized you're already on route, so will have passed manchester :()
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    I dont have any photos - somebody can have a free go! B
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    Thorns Gill Cave? (but that looks like a resurgence, which would make it Thorns Dub!)
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    Need Caves that contain the Name "Otter" in the UK!! Otterly Lost

    Looking in the Northern Sump Index, it looks like there is an Otter Holes near Kendal as well. B
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    Need Caves that contain the Name "Otter" in the UK!! Otterly Lost

    Sorry to be pendantic, but do you mean Otter's Cave in Yorkshire (the resurgence near scrafton)? If not, there is another one.
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    Thorns Dub?
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    DistoXble users?

    Are you using the latest version of Topodroid available here https://sites.google.com/site/speleoapps/home/topodroid?
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    Falling on Cows Tails

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    Through trips

    JH to Peak Titan to JH Knotlow to Hillocks Eyam dale shaft to carlswank Flower pot to Carlswank Gentlewoman's to youds level Bagshawe to bagshawe resurgence Lathkill head to lathkill resurgence Garden path to lathkill head Streaks pot
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    Good weather caves?

    Sleets Gill