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  1. dudley bug

    CUCC helmet and light

    CUCC helmet and light found in changing rooms at SWCC. Left in DO cupboard for safe keeping.
  2. dudley bug

    BGS 3D in browser geology map of the UK

    Just had an email from the BGS today which included a link to a new 3D geology map of the UK. Looks really good and have spent a little while looking at the caving areas on it this evening. It also overlays boreholes that they have in their records, some of which you can view the reports from...
  3. dudley bug

    Something unusual happening in caves in Ireland this summer

    Just stumbled across this interesting report of an arts event to be held in caves across Ireland this summer. http://www.thejournal.ie/entirely-hollow-cave-artworks-alanjames-burns-3471979-Jul2017/
  4. dudley bug

    Cave in Jackdaw Quarry ?

    In researching caves in the South Wales area, I stumbled upon a report of a valiant rescue attempt of three dogs carried out over almost two weeks at a cave in Jackdaw Quarry. The efforts taken by local cavers to reach the dogs are totally amazing, and I have taken the liberty of extracting the...
  5. dudley bug

    Caving books and some early Descent Magazines

    Just having a clear out of duplicate books and copies of Descent, a good selection now listed on ebay with low starting prices. Can supply by caver post too. http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/shotinthedark1968/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= Also a few flashbulbs on there two for any old school...
  6. dudley bug

    Dan Yr Ogof on TV

    A short interlude on the Antiques Road trip featuring Dan Yr Ogof at 24 minutes in. http://bbc.in/1GcBFdl
  7. dudley bug

    Pelicase 1400 foam inserts

    I have a couple of foam inserts from Pelicase 1400 models. These have not been used as I use closed cell foam for packing of my camera. These are going spare and can be brought down to Hidden Earth if anyone wants them.
  8. dudley bug

    Cambrian Caving Council photography workshop

    We have a cave photography workshop running on Saturday 13th December. The day will based at Whitewalls with an underground session. We have some places still free, anyone wishing to take part should send me a PM. Regards Brendan
  9. dudley bug

    Descent magazines and books for sale

    I have a few books and Descent magazines to clear out. Please send me a PM making an offer regarding any you are interested in. Descent Magazines Numbers 42 to 49 inclusive and 52 (A4 with B&W covers) Numbers 71, 72, 74 to 82, 84 to 108 and 123 (Colour covers) Books Potholing beneath the...
  10. dudley bug

    Gadget Show Battery test in Porth Yr Ogof

    The Gadget Show recently did a comparative test of disposable batteries in Porth Yr Ogof. Video and results here.. http://gadgetshow.channel5.com/gadget-show/blog/episode-1-wales-aaa-batteries
  11. dudley bug

    Yet more caving on telly

    It seems you cannot switch the TV on these days without seeing some caving.. Countryfile on Sunday (21st March) will have a feature on the restoration work that is being carried out on Waun-Fignen-Felin peat bog that has been suffering serious erosion in the recent past. This peat bog on the...
  12. dudley bug

    Lost keys at Whitewalls

    A set of keys was lost at Whitewalls on the evening of Sunday 15th November. If you have found some keys in your kit please PM me.