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  1. Hall2501

    Future CHECC Venues?

    Went CHECC venue hunting the other day and found a couple that seem to tick all the boxes. Thornbridge Outdoors Center looks pretty good, they are council-run and have hired out their site for large outdoor festivals in the past with over 500 attendees. Speaking to one of the site managers they...
  2. Hall2501

    Is it safe to go caving yet? Modelling cave flood events in Yorkshishire

    I said it was for research when I requested it and they just granted access. I was a PhD student at the time so they probably assumed it was for my that and not a random personal project haha
  3. Hall2501

    Cwmorthin Slate Mine Resurvey

    Made a few changes, mainly to the labels. Thanks ChrisJC for pointing out some corrections, the mine is indeed only leased and access controlled by go below. Also fixed the spelling of Scaffold :)
  4. Hall2501

    Cwmorthin Slate Mine Resurvey

    Cwmorthin slate mine was active between 1810 -1970... (if you're interested in the history go visit its Wikipedia page or http://www.cwmorthin.org/.) The mine is now used for recreational purposes and is owned by Go Below Underground Adventures Ltd, who are kind enough to offer free access to...
  5. Hall2501

    Is it safe to go caving yet? Modelling cave flood events in Yorkshishire

    Modelling cave flood events in Yorkshishire *disclaimer* This idea is just for fun/interest, I don't recommend using any outcome of this project to decide whether it's safe to go caving. I've recently been wondering whether it would be possible to create some kind of empirical model relating...
  6. Hall2501

    Free PDA cases

    These have been living under my bed for a few years figured I should probably get rid of them and couldn't bring myself to put them in the bin. If anyone wants 15 unused of PDA cases let me know. https://www.instagram.com/p/CEq199Hg_aH/
  7. Hall2501

    The official 2018 CHECC committee forum report

    The 2018?s CHECC Forum was hosted at Hope Valley College in the peak district between the 23rd ? 25th of November 2018. The committee was slightly apprehensive about holding one of the wildest caving events of the year in a high school, especially given the headmaster would be present for the...
  8. Hall2501

    CHECC 2018 update

    Update from the CHECC committee... CHECC dates 23rd-25th November 2018. In order to buy tickets get a representative from your club to fill in the new sign up form on our website https://checc.org/tickets/ before the timer runs out. Once you've filled out the form we'll email you an invoice...
  9. Hall2501

    CHECC venue in wales?

    Does anyone know of a venue that may be able to host CHECC (late november) this year? Ideally, our requirements are to have: A large venue: ~200-250 people (So lots of camping space or something). Catering facilities we can use ourselves (commercial kitchen). A large hall/indoor space to hold...
  10. Hall2501

    CHECC student caving wikki - any ideas?

    After rebuilding the CHECC website I?m considering a new project. My idea was to build on Rostams "how to run a student caving club? manual by collecting and reading handover documents from various student caving clubs and then writing a student caving wiki within the CHECC website for student...
  11. Hall2501

    CHECC 2017 (Dalesbridge, Yorkshire Dales)

    BOOKING FOR CHECC IS NOW OPEN! Tickets - ?24pp, Booking deadline - November 5th for the first round, November 16th thereafter Venue - Dalesbridge Dates: 24-26th November 2017 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ticket info Please...
  12. Hall2501

    BOOKING FOR CHECC IS NOW OPEN! (Venue: Dalesbridge, Yorkshire dales)

    BOOKING FOR CHECC IS NOW OPEN! Tickets - ?24pp, Booking deadline - November 5th for the first round, November 16th thereafter Venue - Dalesbridge Dates: 24-26th November 2017 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ticket info Please...
  13. Hall2501

    Speakers for CHECC

    Hey Guys, CHECC is considering buying two speakers for future events, I am told they are good quality ones (the same ones used by the BCA at their AGM a few months ago). http://www.vector-audio.co.uk/shop/category/speakers/detail/ws15 The only problem for us would be collection and long term...
  14. Hall2501

    CHECC venue 2017?

    Hi, CHECC (council of higher education caving clubs) are looking for a venue to host their 2017 forum in the peak district but are struggling to find a venue. Does anyone know of a venue that could work? The ideal venue would fulfil the following criteria: - Situated in/near the peak...
  15. Hall2501

    ULSA (Student) trip - Lake Como/Ticino Italy/Switzerland recommended canyons?

    Hi, We're planning a two week trip to Lake Como (Italy) and Ticino (Switzerland) . Looking for canyons that are relatively technically easy (grade v3a3 or lower). We've bought Simon flowers book which is great for canyons that are a bit harder but are not suited to everyone on the trip...
  16. Hall2501

    Has anyone found a simple in nick pot?

    Left my simple at the bottom of Nick pot by accident.
  17. Hall2501

    All Dales cave locations on your phone (maps.me app) android offline maps

    For those of you who've ever had to call off a caving trip because you couldn't find the entrance to a cave, this might be worth a try if you don't mind carrying your phone on a caving trip. Most of the cave entrance locations in the dales are available from: http://cavemaps.org/data.htm   ...
  18. Hall2501

    Makita Drill: CUCC Austria Expedition 2015 (An ULSA review/trip report)

    A collaborative trip report by the ULSA students involved in the CUCC 2016 Austria expedition. Trip Members: Princess Rachel Lenatowicz Legacy Robert Deriggnot Grease fertit George Sarah Potato Parker Wingey Walker Brendan Fuk Tun Noodle Introducion This summer, a large contingent of this...
  19. Hall2501

    Does anyone know how to make topodroid plot extended elevations?

    Currently can only get topodroid to plot profile elevations, which isn't really useful when drawing up the cave in the cave. Tried looking about in the settings but can't seem to find anything that'll change it  :confused:
  20. Hall2501

    How to use Tunnel (Cave drawing software)

    Yet another addition to the ULSA surveying tutorials. This "how to use tunnel" (Cave drawing software): https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0zxkZdXB7vUanJyaktyaGNaZnM  Enjoy  :) I've probably made some mistakes/missed out some important details so some feedback would be really helpful. Cheers