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  1. Skyrmy

    Dihedral Deviation

    For awareness During a club trip down Dihedral on Saturday we noted the rope used for the long deviation at the top of the 2nd pitch is badly frayed.  The outer sheath has completely worn through near the bolt.    
  2. Skyrmy

    Broken Spring Pot

    Poked my head into this whilst passing on Saturday but stopped at a suitable turning point at the start of a low (flat out) gravelly crawl.  The continuing passage appeared to bear left and looked fun  :-\  but as there were others waiting on the surface, an exit was made. Any info on this?
  3. Skyrmy

    Found - Sling in Long Kin West

    Has anyone mislaid sling in Long Kin West recently?  Happy to reunite if you can tell me the colour and marking.
  4. Skyrmy

    Left in Diccan - Saturday 30th April

    One of the derigging team failed to retrieve a snapgate krab from the last deviation on the final pitch  :spank: :spank: :spank:.  Anyone heading down there in the near future - I'd be grateful if you could bring it out with you,
  5. Skyrmy

    Ireby Fell Caverns

    Is Bubbles Rout still rigged and if so, could I request permission to use the ropes if required? Thanks Mike
  6. Skyrmy

    Item found in Black Shiver

    Anyone mislaid a piece of kit in Black Shiver recently? A description and last known location will see a safe return to its rightful owner.
  7. Skyrmy

    Lost - Rack in/around Hurnel Moss Pot

    One of our members (not Alex yet again!!!) seems to have misplaced his rack desender on April 18th (Good Friday) either at the foot of Poseidon pitch, around the entrance or (even less likely) enroute to Newby Cote parking area. Be grateful for it's return if found as he seems pretty useless...
  8. Skyrmy

    Aquamole Aven

    Can someone confirm rope lengths to descend aquamole aven via the alternative pitches. Have been down the first pitch a couple of years ago but didn't have sufficient rope to get to the bottom.  Also, any info on rigging the final drop would be helpful  :thumbsup:
  9. Skyrmy

    Misplaced (possibly) in Kingsdale

    Misplaced hand jammer and footloop possibly around parking area at Braida Garth or top of first pitch in Vespers Pot. Any sightings please respond - owner (not me I hasten to add  ;D ) will be grateful for it's return. Thanks
  10. Skyrmy

    Abandoned Rope in Swinsto

    30m rope belonging to Black Rose CC had to be abandoned at 4th pitch during a pull through of Swinsto today.  Lad's didn't understand why it snagged as it must be the very end caught up somehow. Krab has been removed. Please leave in Inglesport if retrieved. Thanks Mike
  11. Skyrmy

    Lost - Petzl Pantin

    Lost my (RH) pantin yesterday somewhere between Bull Pot Farm and bottom of the 88' pitch in Stake Pot series.  Route was down Lancaster and Chasm Pitch.  Probably beyond hope but if anyone does happen to find it, I'd be greatful for its return. Cheers!!! Mike
  12. Skyrmy

    Found - Spare battery pack

    Found on 16th July on Turbury Rd whilst walking back from Jingling Pot - Rechargeable battery pack protected by rubber sheath (green tie wraps on each end)
  13. Skyrmy

    Lost in Notts 2

    Mislaid my SRT pouch in Notts 2 today - probably at the bottom of Oliver Lloyd aven.  Its red with a snap gate krab attached and should have (or it did the last time I saw it LOL) 2 unopened bottles of water. Don't hold much hope but would be nice to get it back - the pouch that is. Whoever...
  14. Skyrmy

    Indoor Caving

    :unsure: Just had a question via our website (BRCC) asking for info on where a group of Newcaste lads (youths/kids/whatever??) can do some indoor caving  :confused: I seem to recall that there was a facility somewhere, but am unsure where.  Any info glady accepted  :thumbsup: I have replied...
  15. Skyrmy

    Notts II - Saturday 13th Sept.

    Black Rose CC have a permit for Notts II for this Saturday. Only 4 of us going up to now.  If anyone wants to tag along on the day PM me for meet details.
  16. Skyrmy

    Problems with Firefly 3

    Help One of my firefly3's is playing up  :weep: :weep: I was working fine and all of a sudden the flash just seemed to stop firing for some reason.  Initially I changed the batteries in the flashgun but the flash kept firing indeterminately and would not register the camera flash.  I have tried...
  17. Skyrmy

    Coniston Cold

    Driving back from Bradford (A65) earlier in the week I noticed a large shakehole/collapse in a field on the lefthand side of the road (just as the road swings right immediately after the Hotel on the right) just north of Coniston Cold. Anyone know if there is anything there??  Didn't have time...
  18. Skyrmy

    Notts 2 - Inlet 5

    Was in Notts 2 today (suprised how dry it was cosidering the weather of the previous few days) and headed up into inlet 5. We followed the route through the top passage and headed right past the large flowstone boss into a muddy crawl, the end of which emerged in a large fossil stream passage...
  19. Skyrmy

    Filtering Camera Flash

    :-\ :-\ :-\ Currently using i-slave and firefly 3 slaves to fire remote flashes.  On a recent trip I filtered my camera flash with one piece of the exposed film supplied with the firefly - due to the amount of moisture in the air, most of the images are affected by misting from the camera...
  20. Skyrmy

    Caving on Crete

    Off to Crete in August and have been in contact with the Cretian office of the Hellenic Speleology Society who have offered me a trip underground with them during my stay. Has anyone got any info on caving in crete of the society in general??