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  1. mak

    France: Merveilleuse-Vertige

    I have done this trip twice - last time was a couple of years ago. And Leclused summary is fairly correct. It is a nice trip with some muddy bits - the exit is very scenic looking across the valley - you land on a ledge half way up a cliff. There was a traverse line - but the line is there to...
  2. mak

    Found helmet near Swildons

    Found a green helmet with belt one glove and one elbow pad last night near entrance to Swildons. Now at the Wessex hut if anyone wants to claim it.
  3. mak

    Very silly pics

  4. mak

    An interesting, although fairly loose parallel to the Open Access Caving debate

    Did you read the case you linked to? The council argued that they had done everything reasonably possible to ensure the safety of visitors and the lake itself was not the danger, so much as the disregard to warnings and the actions of the public. This argument was upheld by Lords Nicholls and...
  5. mak

    This years biggest event

  6. mak

    MCR STOMP 28th NOV 2009

    All welcome at the MASH theme stomp being held at the Belfry next weekend.
  7. mak

    Mendip Cave Rescue Website

    Just to let everyone know there is a new website for Mendip Cave Rescue the link http://www.mendipcaverescue.org/ Can all club webmasters please update any links they may have Regards Mark Kellaway
  8. mak

    Caving getting a plug on BBC website

    Seems Dave Bunnels site www.goodearthgraphics.com/virtcave is getting a plug as it is reviewed on the best of the web spot on the bbc http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/click_online/7623563.stm - although the presenter does paint the usual "picture" of dank slimy caves first.
  9. mak

    BCRA Cave Technology Symposium

    Details can be found on the following link http://www.bcra.org.uk/#tech08
  10. mak

    Cap'n'Chris and Menacer in new romance shocker!!!

    I'd always heard that they held a candle for each other Not sure why they feel that they have to dress up though But seriously a great trip had by all down Goatchurch on Saturday for a pre-xmas candlelight bash with lashings of Ginger beer - Thanks must go to Ali for organising yet another...
  11. mak

    Car parking at Ogof Draenen blocked off

    I've heard a rumour that the area normally used for car parking at Ogof Draenen has been blocked off with boulders. If this is the case does anyone know if there are alternate arrangements for car parking - has the landlord of the Lamb & Fox been approached etc?
  12. mak


    Surprised it hasn't been posted here before. I know it's last minute but if you are on Mendip this weekend and have an interest the MRO annual general meeting is being held this saturday 10th March at 8:00pm in the Hunters
  13. mak

    Happy christmas to all - (PC version)

    Please accept with no obligation, implied or implicit, my best wishes for a socially responsible, gender neutral, celebration of the winter solstice holiday, practiced within the most enjoyable traditions of the religious persuasion of your choice, or secular practices of your choice, with...
  14. mak

    Help required identifying kit & people in old photos

    Please have a look at these old photos. Does anyone recognise the diving kit or any of the people in them? http://www.wessex-cave-club.org/dive_kit_help.htm