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  1. AKuhlmann

    BCA finances

    It's great to see such a thorough report published for everyone to easily access. I'll look forward to similarly high quality reports in the future 😃 Out of curiosity why is the Club membership fee proposed to rise proportionately so much more than the other fees?
  2. AKuhlmann

    CRTT - No rope of Croesor 1st Pitch

    Yes, that is the case, albeit not quite. Maybe in my tiredness from the very late night I didn’t hint enough that I certainly wasn’t the cause for the rescue :)
  3. AKuhlmann

    CRTT - No rope of Croesor 1st Pitch

    The in situ rope on the 1st pitch in Croesor had to be removed when it was discovered it was too damaged to rightfully be left behind. Consequently, any persons attempting the through trip should pack a rope (40m pitch off the top of my head) to either hard rig it and plan on returning to...
  4. AKuhlmann

    Concrete screws - smaller stainless screws tested

    I tend not too but often it can be in harder rock which will blunt the screws (igneous rocks). If it were softer rock (slates) I might but tbh they’re really cheap so why pinch the pennies when it’s your life? I would say more but Ian’s just said above all I would have to add :)
  5. AKuhlmann

    Concrete screws - smaller stainless screws tested

    A little late to the thread, but thank you for producing some recorded data on the topic! I’ve seen the Fischer 8mm (10mm with threads) x 70mm pull tested and the modern hangers broke first which was very reassuring. Consequently, now all my exploration is on screws so I can remove them and re...
  6. AKuhlmann

    BCA 2024 AGM

    I have been trying to resist jumping the gun on this matter so all I will say on this point is please read my election statement for Secretary when the Agenda is published (alongside everyone else’s obviously). It echos and emphasises the key points you make above. However, adding documents to...
  7. AKuhlmann

    Carabiners - Uses & Preferences...

    I’m a big fan of triple action carabiners - owning a variety of dmm and petzl crabs - for my hand jammer and descender. I don’t like screwgates too much having had battles with things staying screwed onto places I don’t want them. For cowstails if I only caved on personal trips I’d stick with...
  8. AKuhlmann

    Poachers Flooded Above the Rock Bridge

    So I went to Poachers & OHA yesterday (with low expectations of much caving). While I was expecting very high water I thought it might be worth reporting my findings in case it’s helpful to anyone. Attached below is the recent water levels at Rhydymywn. So the river was flowing and lapping...
  9. AKuhlmann

    Llanberis Copper Mine hangers

    Having been in a fair bit recently all the expansion bolts are fine and some of the spits with the hangers still in didn’t look awful. Hangers are in place for all bolts on Pete’s topo and for Baggy’s (360 Outdoors’) alternative route. Anyway saw some cavers outside Ben’s bunkhouse this...
  10. AKuhlmann

    Welsh Wezzit

    Just an absolute guess here that I have low hope for - Ogof Ffynnon Taff?
  11. AKuhlmann

    Stone shelter on Whernside

    It certainly should!
  12. AKuhlmann

    Stone shelter on Whernside

    The NMRS Ingleton Coalfield by B. Bond & Gill is a very interesting read on that topic. Looking at the elevation limestone is unlikely and this is reinforced to me of being similar to the Ingleborough Yoredale series. The peat tile theory would be reinforced if a nearby obviously manmade change...
  13. AKuhlmann

    how did you get into caving

    I grew up in the Dales so did a fair few trips with Overground Underground festival as a young teenager, but really fell down the well of it as a student in Bangor where I actually did more mines than anything else to begin with - the industrial history part helped seal the deal me and I still...
  14. AKuhlmann

    Petzl Croll S issue

    It looks like your spring has gone - I'd definitely do what Pete has said above. If it were a foot jammer I'd say have a tinker but since it's not it certainly needs replacing if something isn't blocking the toothed cam's recoil.
  15. AKuhlmann

    Recommended beginner courses which include squeezing

    There’s some great answers above so what I’d suggest is deciding where in the UK you want to go for it! The Yorkshire Dales and Mendip hills have been suggested so far, but you can also go to South Wales and the Peak District! There’s many great providers (both commercial and caving clubs &...
  16. AKuhlmann

    White mold? bacteria? fungus? in compasses

    The bubble grows when it disappears but tends not to be gone completely. The theory of a reversible reaction so far makes the most sense Thanks pwhole! That should help me repair them
  17. AKuhlmann

    White mold? bacteria? fungus? in compasses

    Two of the compasses side by side. The top one had the white stuff in it until earlier this week and its disappeared again. The bubble size has also grown again with no signs of leakage. Nope, these compasses have never been higher than 500m. That would have been my first thought having gone...
  18. AKuhlmann

    White mold? bacteria? fungus? in compasses

    It could be. The odd part is the white stuff seems to come and go. In one of them it’s completely disappeared but I know in a weeks time it will return again
  19. AKuhlmann

    White mold? bacteria? fungus? in compasses

    While that works for experienced cavers, teaching people about the ins and out of the local geology for every trip isn't a very robust solution :)
  20. AKuhlmann

    White mold? bacteria? fungus? in compasses

    Yeah we have done, but it's still annoying it's happened