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  1. CSCC

    Thrupe Lane Swallet 50th Anniversary 2024

    To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Thrupe Lane Swallet breakthrough, the ATLAS team are inviting cavers to join them over the weekend of 15th and 16th June from 10 a.m. Come and help do some surface conservation tasks, bring your own fodder for a BBQ. There will be a Thrupe Lane Swallet /...
  2. CSCC

    CSCC Newsletter - sharing your news and stories

    At Friday's AGM I included the following in my officer's report: What is the CSCC newsletter for? – message for the 2024 AGM Over the past 12 months I have attempted to steer the CSCC newsletter onto a slightly different trajectory, while keeping the essence of it the same. My wish is to use...
  3. CSCC

    CSCC Annual General Meeting 10th May 2024

    Clubs reps and others on the CSCC mailing list should have received joining instructions by email with the link for the Zoom event (sent 5th May), but if anyone else wishes to attend, please get in touch and a link can be provided to join the meeting. Please note that while anyone is welcome to...
  4. CSCC

    CSCC Annual General Meeting 10th May 2024

    The 2024 AGM of CSCC is to be held on Friday 10th May at 7pm. The meeting will be held online and the agenda has been published on the CSCC website. Please Note the CSCC constitution: 5g, “Nominated representatives must present written authorisation from the Chairman or Secretary of their...
  5. CSCC

    CSCC Newsletter - May 2024

    The May 2024 newsletter has been published. It is a much smaller issue than my previous ones. Our Equipment Officer would be grateful for any helpful comments on his draft anchor placement document. Please contact him directly at equipment@cscc.org.uk Contents: Notice of 2024 CSCC Annual...
  6. CSCC

    Rockfall at Entrance to Goatchurch Cavern

    Recent rain has caused some ground to slip at the entrance to Goatchurch Cavern. https://cscc.org.uk/wiki/news/2024-02-26_rockfall_at_goatchurch_cavern_main_entrance
  7. CSCC

    February 2024 Meeting

    There will be a meeting of CSCC on 13th February, at 7.00pm. Representatives from member clubs are invited to attend, as are others who are welcome as observers. Remember that only nominated club representatives may vote on any issues, but anyone can attend as an observer and join the...
  8. CSCC

    CSCC Newsletter - February 2024

    The February 2024 newsletter has been published. Contents: Details of upcoming General Meeting 13th February (note: at the time of publishing, the Agenda for the meeting and officers' reports were not yet published on the CSCC website) Mendip Caving Group Celebrated 70 years. Wealden Cave and...
  9. CSCC

    Swildons changing barn, Priddy, now ready

    The changing barn on Priddy Green is now ready for use. A more detailed account will appear in due course in the CSCC newsletter. Many thanks are owed by us all to those who did all the work. Here are two photos - a before and an after. I hope you can tell which is which.
  10. CSCC

    Quiz Night invitation in aid of Mendip Cave Rescue 20th Jan 2024

    To beat the winter Blues, Estelle (BEC) has arranged an MCR Cavers’ quiz night at the Hunters’ Lodge. It will take place on Saturday 20th January 2024, start time 19:30hrs. Teams of up to six are invited. Everyone is welcome, with fantastic prizes, and egos to be made and destroyed! Can your...
  11. CSCC

    Swildon's Changing Barn improvements - immediate appeal for help

    Here is the current state of play: Wayne and those who have turned up to help have largely completed the work. All that remains now is some paintwork to the new floor. A first coat has been applied, but it needs more, and it takes quite a while to dry properly. The second coat will be put on...
  12. CSCC

    Swildon's Changing Barn improvements - immediate appeal for help

    Following on from the great progress from last weekend, we now need to repair, replace and prep the joists ready to install the new floor. Ideally we need four volunteers for Saturday (from 9:30am) and four for Sunday (from 10:00am). Alan Butcher is supervising the work, so don't worry if...
  13. CSCC

    LAst minute change to CSCC zoom link for 13th Nov i.e. NOW.

    https://us04web.zoom.us/j/79395767097?pwd=sxZQLCQYbVrxoANWJrikOj74WrAPgD.1 Due to a c*ck up on the Zoom front we have a new link. Join now or never!
  14. CSCC

    Swildon's Changing Barn improvements - immediate appeal for help

    Hi all If you have not yet spotted the appeal in the recent November 2023 newsletter, please allow me to draw it to your attention again. Over this weekend and next, Nov 11th/12th and Nov 18th/19th, major improvement work is planned for the Swildon's changing barn, Priddy Green. As of this...
  15. CSCC

    CSCC Newsletter - November 2023

    The November 2023 newsletter has now been published. We would particularly like to draw your attention to the planned improvements to the Swildon's Changing Barn - this is planned for 10th and 17th November, so only a short time ahead. Volunteers to help with this job will be very welcome...
  16. CSCC

    Jrat digging awards 25 November Hunters Lodge Inn

    Previous years' posters for this event can be viewed here.
  17. CSCC

    Access Restored to Singing River Mine, Shipham

    It is now possible to visit Singing River Mine once more thanks to a new access agreement. Read more here.
  18. CSCC

    Mendip Rocks! 2023

    In October, from 1st to 22nd, there is a series of geology-themed events run by the Mendip Hills AONB. More details here: https://cscc.org.uk/wiki/news/2023-09-05_mendip_rocks_2023
  19. CSCC

    Charterhouse caving permits are now paperless

    The new permit system goes live 1st September.
  20. CSCC

    Charterhouse caving permits are now paperless

    Caves in Somerset to which the Charterhouse Caving Company manage access require a permit to enter. These are now available online and can be saved on your phone etc, and paper permits are no longer required. The full details can be read here. If you are a regular or occasional visitor to CCC...