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  1. Blober

    Traditional Caplamp Trip 20th January North Wales

    Hello all! I was thinking, it feels like such a long time since there was any kind of mine exploring event (for me at the very least!). In a hope to try buck this trend I was thinking of doing a traditional cap lamp tour, why not bring in the new year with a dim old caplamp. This is just a...
  2. Blober

    Thursday Nighters (North West Wales) 18/05/23

    Hello! Keep your eyes peeled for next Thursday, myself or one of the others will post up whats happening.
  3. Blober

    Free video editing software?

    I have recently used capcut and it seems absolutely fine for basic video editing!
  4. Blober

    Thursday Nighters (North West Wales) 18/05/23

    Some of you from AN might remember us! Its time to bring it back! We are planning a nice relaxing wander around Wrysgan Slate Quarry, a nice gentle trip so if you've been thinking about getting underground why dont you come along and join us! If you have SRT kit bring it along as there is a...