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  1. Fatman

    Good caves near PSM? (France)

    Suss went there in 88. Attempted the Couey Lodge. Things might have changed but what I remember is a steep scree slope held back by not much more than chicken wire. Quarter way down the big pitch rocks flying past dislodged by those above. Be careful, hopefully improvements have been made.
  2. Fatman

    Sleets Gill

    Total respect for you guys on that rescue. Saw the Sid film on Youtube. Put me off ever going down there.
  3. Fatman

    Ingleborough Hall closure consultation; petition

    Just seen on Look North, big vote tonight at Bradford council on the Hall's future. Fingers crossed it will be saved.
  4. Fatman

    Best“All-Rounder” region of Pyrenees for caving, canyoning, via ferrata... (plus where to stay?)

    SUSS went there in 1988 for a few weeks of general fun. We stayed around Pierre-Saint-Martin area. Back then you needed the key to the tunnel connecting to La Verna chamber, now its an organised tour. The upper entrance is on the pic d'anie plateau, worth a walk in its own right and the summit...
  5. Fatman

    how did you get into caving

    School trips in 1980 to 1982. Not bad considering the school was in Northamptonshire. Our physics teacher took us to the dales, Derbyshire and Mendips.
  6. Fatman

    Kingsdale Master Cave incident on Sunday (06/08/23).

    Years ago caving near the Berger, (jean noir?) Both my petzl jammers failed at the same time around 3/4 up the big pitch. I dropped around a meter thinking the dodgy bolts had failed. I stopped and quickly tied a knot in the rope and clipped in a cow's tail. Gingerly removing my hand jammer it...
  7. Fatman

    Dales pub for sale, now going cheap

    Gone are the days of a shed full of Owd P at the Hill Inn and then going caving. Probably for the best. Saw on Right Move the Helwith was under offer. A bargain at 350k.
  8. Fatman

    Rowter Hole Update

    Daft question but is there anything on the Peak side that might connect?
  9. Fatman

    NCHECC antics at Alum Pot

    Great effort on ladders, never done personally but heard of many epic tales which always put me off. Luckily SRT saved the day.
  10. Fatman

    Tips on renting a field for a caving event in Derbyshire

    Farm nr the 3 stags at wardlow does camping in a field. Not sure if that would extend to events. Next to a great pub, café and foolow for a bit of underground mud wallowing.
  11. Fatman

    Eryri: Big rescue operation in Croesor-Rhosydd mines

    Yes, great effort with the rescue as ever with the CRO.
  12. Fatman

    Eryri: Big rescue operation in Croesor-Rhosydd mines

    Never had to reverse the trip but always thought the first Tyrolean across the big lake would be hard going uphill especially if tired. Presumably you could use prusiks on the cable.
  13. Fatman

    Giants windpipe

    Never seen it sumped luckily so avoided the grind back up the crab walk. I've always taken my helmet off and managed to keep most of my head out. Enjoy the wallowing.
  14. Fatman

    Opportunities for Christmas work at Ingleborough Cave

    Joking aside we took our lad down one Xmas, the team did a fantastic job, he said it was the best Santa...ever.
  15. Fatman

    Station inn ribblehead

    I can just about fit round the by pass, makes for a much better pitch.
  16. Fatman

    Station inn ribblehead

    Cheers, thanks for the info. Gone are the days of camping at the Hill Inn.
  17. Fatman

    Station inn ribblehead

    Just a quick one, does anyone know if the Station inn still allow tents? Cheers
  18. Fatman

    Swinsto pull through

    Simpsons is probably better but beware of KMC streamway. I got caught out once and it was exciting. We pre rigged VE and you could see the bottom, 2 hours later it was waist/chest deep. I would avoid in anything other than good weather considering the experience of the team
  19. Fatman

    Valley Entrance Pitch

    Hi, It's been a while since I've done the Simpsons/Valley Entrance(VE) through trip. There was a fixed rope down the 20Ft pitch in VE, just asking if its still in place to save pre-rigging/free climb. Cheers 
  20. Fatman

    Peak Cavern Access

    Hi, does anyone know what's the current arrangements are for access to Peak Cavern, that's if cavers are being allowed in. Ta