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  1. TheBitterEnd

    Miners Knee Pad

    Google gave me this https://lestersdirect.co.uk/the-original-miners-heavy-duty-rubber-knee-pads-ventilated-leather-straps-97-p.asp
  2. TheBitterEnd

    Best Ever Colour Song

    Red Shoes By The Drugstore, Tom Waits
  3. TheBitterEnd

    Best Ever Colour Song

    Kinda Blue
  4. TheBitterEnd

    Best Ever Colour Song

    The Green Fields of France
  5. TheBitterEnd

    Best Ever Colour Song

    Any colour you like
  6. TheBitterEnd

    Best Ever Colour Song

    Obvious but deserves a mention
  7. TheBitterEnd

    Do you wash your wet socks?

    I them wash in the machine with detergent almost every time, I think grit, fungi, bacteria, etc. do more harm than a bit of detergent and they wear through at the big toe anyway. Same with the rest of my kit, I think it lasts longer if the amount of embedded grinding paste is kept to a minimum.
  8. TheBitterEnd

    For those who are scared..

    It is a good example of why stats won't ever convince anyone though. Most people who are worried wouldn't get past
  9. TheBitterEnd

    Caving Memes

    There you go, being all pendantic about it
  10. TheBitterEnd

    ISIHAC in Buxton this month ................

    @Mrs Trellis have you been writing in again?
  11. TheBitterEnd

    How far are the effects of earthquakes felt?

    This has got me thinking how bad my memory has become 🙃 I did my masters degree dissertation on forces caused by pile driving vibrations and I remember next to nothing about the magnitude of the forces. (must be in for the most pointless post award 😂 )