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  1. 4bags

    Found in Antler Passage

    Pair of knee-pads found about half-way along Antler Passage in Daren... Send a description if yours and I'll find a way to get them back to you... Cheers, Neil
  2. 4bags

    Use of music for Hidden Earth AV's

    Can anyone give any advice or guidance on the use of music tracks with AV's for Hidden Earth presentations, with regards to copyright law? Thanks, Neil
  3. 4bags

    Swabian Alb, Southern Germany

    Does anyone have any info on caving in the Swabian Alb reigion of Germany - caves, access arrangements, etc??? Or can anyone recommend any books / journals / trip reports or similar for that area? Thanks!
  4. 4bags

    Online photo printers for cave photos??

    Apologies if this topic has already been covered in another thread (I couldn't see one in a quick flick through the video/ photo section), I was just wondering if anyone out there has any recommendations for a good print shop (prefferably on-line) for printing cave photos (i.e. ones with lots of...
  5. 4bags

    South Wales weather this weekend?

    Can anyone give any advice on water levels in South Wales at the moment? In particular whether Dan Yr Ogof will be (sensibly) accessible either Sat or Sun? I know there is potentially some snow forecast for Saturday night... Thanks!
  6. 4bags

    Pinched Winch

    A quick word of warning to all Mendip diggers to lock up your digging equipment - some light-fingered scallywags stole the electric winch from the Gibbets Brow dig sometime in the last week (between 15th and 21st April) >:( :annoyed: If anyone local happend to see anyone or any vehicles at the...
  7. 4bags

    Awesome cheap back-up light

    Fellow Gibbetd digger speleotramp put me on to this.... 2AA cell Tesco LED light with wat i believe is a 3 Watt Cree in it... not regulated, but for ?8 is very impressive. O-ring seals everywhere except the switch on the base, but think a pvc glove-finger and a cable-tie would waterproof this...