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  1. JJ

    Trident Series, Cueva Hoyuca (Uzueka)

    Wonderful video, great to view, so now I don't have to go back! I had only previously seen these passages with a flickering dull carbide. The last visit in '91 being eventful in more ways than one. So many thanks Si, Di, Juan and co. (y)
  2. JJ

    Cave Rescue Incident Management System

    Sarcall is actually far more than an SMS messaging and response system. I think it is now being used by all Mountain Rescue Teams in England, Scotland, Wales and throughout Ireland for incident logs, critical decision recording and deployments. One of its strengths being interoperability between...
  3. JJ

    Bernie's under new ownership!

    My very best wishes for the future. I look forward to many a brew. I hope it is a roaring success and I hope you get that fire roaring once again too. :)
  4. JJ

    Whale tail descenders

    I have one (with sliding bar) that you can borrow/have. Personal Australian import from memory and with very little use!! PM if interested, available in the Dales or cavers post.
  5. JJ

    Kingsdale Master Cave incident on Sunday (06/08/23).

    No problem, glad we could help (y)
  6. JJ

    Mike Meredith

    JAA I have a new unsold copy of the book - photo cover. PM me if you would like it, free but a donation to your local CRO if you wish. Could be posted at cost or collected/caver post from the Dales. JJ
  7. JJ

    Found - Rope Simpson's Pot

    It was not black Wardy :whistle:
  8. JJ

    Found - Rope Simpson's Pot

    Hi langcliffe. There was a loose thumb knot in the end of the rope, which has stopped it passing through the P hanger!
  9. JJ

    Found - Rope Simpson's Pot

    On a trip through Simpson's today a new(ish) rope was found "hung up" on Storm Pot. This appeared abandoned due to a failed pull down. PM me if it is yours as we took it out. JJ
  10. JJ

    Descent + Caves & Caving mags FREE

    I have around 60 Descents and  the same number of Caves and Caving available to a good home  FREE. Before I recycle them! All in good condition with some duplicates. All from the 80's, 90's and early noughties. Want to clear as a job lot, can be collected from the Dales or caver post arranged...
  11. JJ

    Found - Belay belt and gloves, Masongill

    Found on the wall at the parking area near the old pumping station at Masongill 14/11/18. Belay belt looks almost new, gloves not quite so......
  12. JJ

    Braida Garth and land for sale

    Just noticed that Braida Garth is up for sale, this includes Keld Head, Yordas and all the major caves in East Kingsdale. All very important for cave access! http://www.rightmove.co.uk/commercial-property-for-sale/property-59984279.html
  13. JJ

    SpanSet 100m rope winner

    I have been asked to pick a winner  ;D Well obviously my posts were the best, especially the portal into another world from Castleberg Rock, Settle. If you have not clicked the link do - its weird and a little sad. Second would have been Badlad with Inkleton. But I suppose neither of those...
  14. JJ

    Joint, Chapman's Rising, Meregill Skit - for sale

    Just been informed that the pasture that contains Joint Hole, Chapmans Rising and Meregill Skit has come on the market. Due to the current official lack of access to all three I thought this may be of interest to those that enjoy aquatic pursuits.  ;)...
  15. JJ

    Lost Pantin Ireby Fell

    Very foolishly I lost my right foot older style Pantin down Ireby Fell Cavern today. Not sure where but quite possibly just a couple of meters downstream from the rope up to the Skylight sump bypass, on the mud bank. Thanks in advance.
  16. JJ

    Vacancy at Dalesbridge - Management Couple/Individuals Required ASAP

    VACANCY AT THE DALESBRIDGE CENTRE A wonderful opportunity to live and work in the Yorkshire Dales at the Dalesbridge Centre, Austwick. Dalesbridge briefly comprises of bunkhouses, campsite, B&B, function rooms and an event bar. The job includes helping and taking responsibility in all...
  17. JJ

    YDNP Extention

    Good news I feel at last regarding the Yorkshire Dales National Park. Secretary of State has finally announced today the extension to include most Dales caving areas including Leck, Casterton, Barbon, Wild Boar Fell etc. For further details...
  18. JJ

    Live and Work in the Dales

    Blatant advert but would anyone like to work at Dalesbridge between Settle and Ingleton this Summer either full or part time (weekends). Would involve all aspects of helping run the busy campsite, bunkhouses, B&B and function rooms including occasional bar. If interested please PM me or email...
  19. JJ

    Northern Caves Vols 2 & 3 for sale BRAND NEW

    I have just obtained two brand new copies of both Northern Caves Volume 2 (Three Peaks 1996) and Volume 3 (Three Counties etc 1994). Before anyone asks no I don't have any Volume 1! I intend to sell them for good prices with all profit beyond the ?10 each that they cost me going to CRO. I know...
  20. JJ

    Clove hitches on traverse lines

    Can anyone shed any light on why cavers generally don't use clove hitches as the knot of choice when rigging traverse lines. I can see quite a lot of advantages and only a few disadvantages or is it just tradition?