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  1. jollypudd

    Sea Caves, anyone?

    I grew up in St Agnes, now live in Perranporth by Cligga where the mine is. Exploring the sea caves as a kid is what set me on the path of caving! That article about the west coast looks so awesome, I need to get down there more often.
  2. jollypudd

    SCHECC Competitions

    NCHECC at Bullpot the night of April Fool’s — the 17 hour Lancs-Lancs epic. ft Oil Man + party, the fabulous CRO (thank you, again <3), some brave friends from Cardiff and myself in need of hauling.
  3. jollypudd

    how did you get into caving

    In a shadowy corner of Aber uni’s fresher’s fair, a sign read ‘second chepest sports club’. I asked if the spelling error was intentional (it wasn’t) and decided to give caving a go. My second trip was Ogof Pasg to Ogof Foel Fawr where the crawling nearly did me in.
  4. jollypudd

    On a Bite — New Game?

    Hello everyone! A silly post — I wanted to share a game that Dylan (Bangor) has invented (unless anybody else for some reason has played this before), called On a Bite. It entails guessing a knot using only one’s mouth (preferably on clean rope)! We hope it spreads and will be played at CHECC...
  5. jollypudd

    Caving Hut Tea Towel

    I’d love one please!
  6. jollypudd

    Students Caving in France

    Incredible! Must go one day, thank you for the link!!!
  7. jollypudd

    Students Caving in France

    That’s really amazing! In future we’ll make an effort to come again and do some proper caving!
  8. jollypudd

    Students Caving in France

    Would be useful to dig it out if I’m away here again! ACC trip to get lost in a French cave? Could pin that planning on Switzerland trip ‘organiser’?
  9. jollypudd

    Students Caving in France

    Thanks for the info! We suspected they like their caving since we’re wearing their gear but didn’t do much research!
  10. jollypudd

    Students Caving in France

    Trip 24/06/23 I’m always looking to improve relations between my club and other student caving clubs which is why Ned Hopes (Cardiff) and I (Aberystwyth) have spent the last month together in France camping. Feeling a bit cave deprived and too tanned we set out to explore promising spots we...
  11. jollypudd

    Ingleton to Bristol/SWCC/Mendip/Aberystwyth

    That would be amazing thank you so much! Will direct message you.
  12. jollypudd

    Ingleton to Bristol/SWCC/Mendip/Aberystwyth

    Hi there! We’re trying to get hold of the rope we won from the CHECC photo comp (have to plug a big thank you UK Caving!) which is up in Ingleton. Hoping to do so over Christmas — if anyone is travelling to Bristol or Mendips and could take it down that would be ideal! Otherwise, after the...
  13. jollypudd

    WIN 200m rope for your favourite CHECC Club in the UKC 'Thank You Competition'!

    Welsh members utilising the zen den and napping on sober rep. Rope would be shared for ABC (Aber Bangor Cardiff) weekends!