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  1. Robert Scott

    Friday joke - WARNING - contains swearing.

    Absolutely brillant.
  2. Robert Scott

    How big is the average UK caving club?

    A mean of 48, so does that mean that the club I'm in should have 5+ votes at CNCC meetings?
  3. Robert Scott

    AI Wezzit

    Brexit voters?
  4. Robert Scott

    Very silly pics

    It had to be said "Clearly not a BEC member".
  5. Robert Scott

    Very silly pics

  6. Robert Scott

    Modern day packaging.

    Next time that you bump into me, ask me about Alex's Easter Eggs.
  7. Robert Scott

    Tickets for Northern Explorers forum 2023 go on sale on 10th March

    Many thanks to Sam for organising this event. And not forgetting Matt and Gary together with other York CC folk who sorted stuff out. And of course, the presenters. Thank you all.
  8. Robert Scott

    Friday joke - WARNING - contains swearing.

    I've never considered making a bolognese sauce using turnips. I expect a turnip-based bolognese sauce is already available in the taxpayer subsidised restaurants in the Houses of Parliament. Must write to my MP for the recipe.
  9. Robert Scott

    Mobile phone coverage. Interesting but probably of no real use.

    I'm surprised that no Yorkshire (and GSG) cavers have not yet pointed out that they get "Welcome to France" whenever they get anywhere south of Coventry.
  10. Robert Scott


    "Not one of mine then?"
  11. Robert Scott

    Friday joke - WARNING - contains swearing.

    Not to mention North East Somerset.
  12. Robert Scott

    Water at Aysgarth Falls

    Assuming that there was water further upstream of the falls then where did it reappear? Perhaps Russ B might know.
  13. Robert Scott

    Very silly pics

    Is that a BMW by any chance?
  14. Robert Scott

    Very silly pics

    Singer Gazelle Owner's Handbook 1963
  15. Robert Scott

    Masongill Lane

    Hello Although the Masongill Lane was "closed", we were able to drive through the roadworks during the New Year break. Does anyone know the current state of the "closure" and what it might be like over the coming weekend? Thanks in advance.
  16. Robert Scott

    Found - Masongill Lane End

    Found on Saturday 14th September at the end of the Masongill lane - a watch. Sorry for the delay in posting here - have been trying other avenues.
  17. Robert Scott

    Dave Brook

    Good article about Dave Brook, by Sheena Hastings, in today's Yorkshire Post
  18. Robert Scott

    CNCC Web-site

    Is there a problem with the CNCC web-site (cncc.org.uk)?