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  1. mulucaver

    David William Gill 1941-2024

    One of my longest lasting caving friends and my best friend here in Sarawak sadly passed away at one o’clock this afternoon in hospital in Miri after a short illness. I know he will be sadly missed by cavers all around the world but especially by me. He has been my inspiration and a great...
  2. mulucaver

    Breakthrough in Mulu

    When are they leaving Mulu.
  3. mulucaver


    Paul Torchy Foster has recently passed away. An avid mineral collector Torchy was a member of Pegasus and PDMHS. He spent the last 4 or 5 years in a nursing home in Stockport, his home town. He was one of last Peak District 'characters'.
  4. mulucaver

    More sad news

    I've just heard that Paul Deakin passed away last night. Another sad day for Derbyshire and indeed, much further afield.
  5. mulucaver

    Survey Grades

    I don't want to get into accuracy or precision as that's already been covered in other posts but I'm interested in other surveyors' views on the grading which should be recorded on the finished map. The BCRA grading system is related only to the method of surveying and not to the final accuracy...
  6. mulucaver

    Absent friends

    I came across this old photo yesterday. Brought back some memories.