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  1. CNCC Training

    Rigging and Rescue workshops- availability.

    We have just added a new underground rigging workshop to the calendar for 27th April and there is currently a space available on an underground Rescue workshop on 28th April. These are a slightly different format as they are set at a 2:1 ratio to allow a more comprehensive input...
  2. CNCC Training

    Autumn new-to-caving events

    A gentle “bump” for any clubs willing to help host a “new to caving” event that we can put on the CNCC website. After this coming Saturday's event we don’t have any more opportunities showing on the website 😞 Ian Patrick CNCC Training Officer
  3. CNCC Training

    SRT Underground Refresher 13th Jan

    Due to a very last minute cancellation one space just became available. Details here
  4. CNCC Training

    SRT Underground Refresher 13th Jan

    We have a couple of spaces available on an SRT underground refresher day. A great opportunity to refresh those SRT skills and try out any new shiny bits of kit Santa brought you. Details and booking information below. https://cncc.org.uk/training/details.php?id=137
  5. CNCC Training

    Digital Cave survey workshop for “Dummies”

    It has definitely proved popular. I will be looking at the possibility of adding another one next year. In the meantime, I strongly advise signing up to the CNCC email list, new training opportunities are generally notified here 24hrs before anywhere else. https://cncc.org.uk/mailing-list/
  6. CNCC Training

    Digital Cave survey workshop for “Dummies”

    The CNCC are delighted to host a “Digital cave survey workshop” aimed specifically at people completely new to this valuable but often complex aspect of modern cave surveying techniques. Our sincere gratitude to Alan, Tom and Alistair for taking this on with such enthusiasm. Details and...
  7. CNCC Training

    SRT refresher workshop 1 space available this weekend

    One space available on a CNCC SRT refresher workshop this weekend. One day indoor on Saturday followed by an underground trip on the Sunday. Details and booking: https://cncc.org.uk/training/details.php?id=133
  8. CNCC Training

    Skills for vertical “leaders”. Space this Saturday

    Due to a couple of cancellations we have spaces on this really valuable workshop. Aimed wholly at experienced recreational cavers who occasionally take less experienced cavers on vertical trips. Particularly suited to student cavers. Details and booking...
  9. CNCC Training

    SRT Rescue refresher workshop 1 space this Saturday

    There is currently 1 space available on an SRT rescue workshop this Saturday. This workshop is aimed at cavers who have some previous rescue experience and want to further develop their skills and knowledge. Details and booking https://cncc.org.uk/training/details.php?id=131
  10. CNCC Training

    Underground SRT refresher this Saturday - 1 space available

    There is currently one space available for an underground SRT refresher this Saturday. These provide a great opportunity to refresh SRT skills and even learn some new ones. Details and booking https://cncc.org.uk/training/details.php?id=127
  11. CNCC Training

    BCA Regional Anchor installers technical forum - Last call for interested participants.

    Last call for any interested parties to attend this technical forum on a really important subject. Details and booking here: https://cncc.org.uk/training/details.php?id=115 Regards Ian Patrick CNCC Training Officer
  12. CNCC Training

    First Aid for cavers workshop - spaces available

    A couple of spaces left on this really useful workshop 14-15 October. Please pass the information around https://cncc.org.uk/training/details.php?id=126 Kind regards Ian
  13. CNCC Training

    Issues with workshop booking system

    The correct hammer was selected and used. The booking system is now back up and running (phew !) Ian
  14. CNCC Training

    Issues with workshop booking system

    We are currently experiencing some issues with our workshop booking system. If you currently want to book any workshop just send me a quick email and I will sort it out “manually”. training@cncc.org.uk Our IT wizard is currently selecting which hammer to use to solve the issue 😃 Ian...
  15. CNCC Training

    BCA Regional Councils “approved anchor installers” technical forum.

    14-15 October 2023 On behalf of the BCA, the CNCC are hosting a Peer led technical forum for all regional resin anchor installers. This is for regional “approved installers” (or potential installers) from all over the UK to get together and look at all aspects of installing (and removing)...
  16. CNCC Training

    Training opportunities: some spaces

    There are a couple spaces available on a few upcoming workshops. 1st July - SRT underground refresher 8 -9 July- 2 day rigging workshop 19th Aug- Skills for SRT cave “leaders” Details and booking here: https://cncc.org.uk/training/
  17. CNCC Training

    SRT Rescue workshop this Sunday 1 space available

    A space has just become available on an Intermediate SRT rescue workshop this Sunday. Details and booking here https://cncc.org.uk/training/details.php?id=104
  18. CNCC Training

    First Aid trainer wanted

    We have had a number of requests for a caver focused, first aid training workshop. We are looking for someone suitably experienced / qualified to deliver one for us. Either a 1 or 2 day workshop. The trainer payment format we use on all the other workshops is by paying a flat trainer fee of...
  19. CNCC Training

    Underground SRT refresher 8th April “1 space available “.

    A chance to refresh/ practice SRT skills underground in a friendly environment. Weather dependent, hoping to use suitable sections of Alum Pot. Details and booking Here
  20. CNCC Training

    SRT Rescue workshop this weekend. Space available

    A space has just become available for a 2 day SRT Rescue Workshop this weekend. A comprehensive workshop looking at all aspects of SRT Rescue skills. Details and booking https://cncc.org.uk/training/details.php?id=73