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  1. traff

    UKcaving Free-cycle

    Looks like it uses the same battery as later marks of the model 8 Avo. Plenty of equivalents available and diy solutions.
  2. traff

    Far country ladder, which entrance did they go in via?

    The price I was quoted recently for galvanising was ludicrous due to the price of zinc. Probably as cheap to make in stainless. A modular design could be quite simple and easy to assemble on site. Rungs from 1/2 Schedule 80 pipe, tapped to M16 at the ends. Side rails from channel, joined with a...
  3. traff

    Cave Rescue Procedures (continued)

    This I find intriguing. I can't see anything illegal about looking for an overdue party. Presumably more along the lines that CRO insurance doesn't cover them until they have offically been asked to help by the Police?
  4. traff

    Dales pub for sale, now going cheap

    That maybe the case in Ireland but not in the UK. Change of use is required.
  5. traff

    Changing simple bobbins

    How helpful of them! If you've ever looked at the Loctite range of threadlockers and retaining compounds etc, you will know there are hundreds. Type medium is a bit vague to say the least. A squirt of 243 will be just fine.
  6. traff

    Dales Monopoly Board

    So it appears the Dales is to get it's own version of the game. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-york-north-yorkshire-66499379 Deadline for nominating landmarks is the 31st Aug. Do we need to push for some caving entries?
  7. traff

    Changing simple bobbins

    I've forgotten far to much physics but I suspect it's not that straight forwards. I should imagine specific heat capacity, bobbin mass and friction coefficients will play a factor. I would suggest they are typically aluminium due to weight, ease of machining and material cost all being...
  8. traff

    Gaping Gill - BPC May

    A 'cultural event' :ROFLMAO:
  9. traff

    Rope labeling

    Personally I use wraps of coloured insulation tape as per the resisitor colour coding system with clear heatshrink over the top. No numbers to rub off, I got shot down in flames the last time I suggested it though.
  10. traff

    Meanwhile near Lincoln

    Apparently Aubourn Farming farm above Navenby around the A15 and have quite a few to the east of Waddington.
  11. traff

    Meanwhile near Lincoln

    As it was posted by Aubourn Farming I guess somewhere near Aubourn. It also states it was a beet field, a good chance it would be sugar beet as the sugar factory is only 9 miles away. I work for British Sugar so I'll ask the Ag dept if they have any info.
  12. traff

    Fishguard Manganese Mine

    You can see the first tunnel indicated on this map. I can't find the copy with second tunnel but it indicated a tunnel in a northerly direction from the same quarry to Aber Tunnel.
  13. traff

    Fishguard Manganese Mine

    Indeed, there is tunnel running from an old quarry behind the brick stone hoppers on the west side of the harbour. It allegedly exits one of the openings under the stone hoppers used by the local fishermen to store crab and lobster pots. I've also seen on an old map another tunnel running from...
  14. traff

    18650 Batteries

    Just to confuse you more, Ah is a unit of electric charge which may be considered a measure of capacity, but only for a specific cell/battery potential. A single 3500mAh 18650 cell should supply 3.5A for one hour at a nominal 3.7v A single 3500mAh AA cell should supply 3.5A for one hour at a...
  15. traff

    New Look UK Caving!

    Just an observation, when using the dark theme and viewing a poll, the selection tick is very difficult to see.
  16. traff

    Lifting Kit

    I'm in need of some lifting bits and bobs. These people seem competitive, pehaps too competitive. Anybody got any feed back or recommendations? https://www.liftinggear-shop.co.uk/
  17. traff

    For Sale - Two Oldham Style Cap Lamps

    Here we have two Oldham style camp lamps with leads, one Ceag and the other Speolotechnics. Both used with scuffs as expected, bulbs fitted but no idea if they work. The plan many years ago was to convert to LED but been collecting dust ever since. Open to (small) offers, collect from Newark...
  18. traff

    Hatton Squeeze

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-35292620 Jessie
  19. traff

    Obscure units

    I recall reading or hearing a quote about always using obscure units (non SI) when publishing results, nobody will be bothered to check if they are correct. It may not have been phrased quite like that but that was the general gist of it. Is it attributed to anyone? I?ve tried to google it but...
  20. traff

    BCA Membership: tangential insurance thread

    This new thread is the result of splitting out a tangential sub-thread from the BCA Ballot thread, dealing as it does with issues about whether BCA insurance is sufficient as a result of >?5m claim(s) I would beg to differ, some purely anecdotal evidence I raised in a different thread: In...