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    Giants Holes Sun 24th Sept

    Heads up, there is a DCRO training event based at Giants car park this Sunday. Whilst the cave wont be particularly busy, the car park will be. So probably best avoided if possible.
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    New Pull-through Routes in the Dent de Crolles System

    I haven't done the P40. But a couple of friends did over the weekend. It seems like the meanders in the P40 are tighter, but those in the Bob Vouay are never desperate, but longer (much longer!). It took them 4 hours to do P40 to Trou de Glaz and us around 7 hours from Bob Vouay to the end of...
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    New Pull-through Routes in the Dent de Crolles System

    Hi Langcliffe, Thanks for your efforts translating the descriptions. 3 of us did the pull through from Bob Vouay to Guiers Mort over the weekend. Excellent trip and very little confusion with the description. Just for note, there were a few additional short pitches in the meanders that...
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    Thefts from Caves (was From Giants Hole)

    Fair point.
  5. M

    Thefts from Caves (was From Giants Hole)

    Clearly theft of anothers belongings (rope, maillions etc) is out of order. But how can you justify restricting access to others of something we all get a great deal of enjoyment out of because we are 'bona-fide' cavers...? Look how pissed off most cavers get when access to 'bona-fide' cavers...
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    Wilf Taylors rope climb

    Went in Lancaster to look at the main drain via Wilf Taylors on the weekend. The rope on the second climb is very dubious and is frayed / cored in at least 3 places, one of which forms the anchor and can't be isolated. I'd suggest taking your own rope and using the P-Bolts a bit further along...
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    Extended elevation sketches in Topo Droid and exporting for Therion

    Have been using TopoDroid for some time now and happy with most of it. I do have two questions though that I hope somebody can help me with. Most frustratingly, I don't seem to be able to get an extended elevation view for the sketch. Is this something that can be changed? Currently, most of...
  8. M

    How to get elevation drawing in Tunnel

    Hi all, hope you can help, struggling to get an elevation profile out of tunnel - is this possible? Ideally extended elevation. Ta
  9. M

    Cheddar to Peak

    Hi All, Got a Rude Nora to pick up from Bif in Cheddar, ideally coming up to the Peak District, but Cardiff could also work. Any help would be much appreciated  :beer2: Thanks :-)
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    Exped log

    A cheeky extract from the 2015 Treviso expedition log in the hope of winning some nice shiney SpanSet for 2016 ::) An incredible effort of faffing was displayed by Greg and Dave on the previous day (23rd July) which resulted in two fully packed bags but no caving trip. As the next day was...
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    Bat Cull

    The Mauritius Government has decided to cull 18,000 bats, endemic to the island. Madness and very sad. http://news.mongabay.com/2015/11/mauritius-to-start-culling-18000-bats-from-november-7/
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    Fireflys wanted

    Hi all, Does anyone have any fireflys (or other slave units) they no longer use/need - I'd be interested in taking them off your hands Cheers
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    Bishopston Valley - New Shakehole

    Had a wander down Bishopston Valley this weekend, really interesting place! Appears to be a lot of potential for cave (albeit probably rather waterlogged). I am curious how the volume of water coming out of the resurgence compares to other, more well known resurgences. Ukcave wiki says that the...