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    Last minute hunt: Student club seeking leader for caving in Mendips this weekend

    Hello! Due to a series of mistimed deadlines and workloads, all of the people in our club who could lead us on a more in-depth trip round any of the caves in the Mendips, have pulled out last minute from our trip. Would anyone be willing to help us out? We're Plymouth uni caving club, Adventure...
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    Student club needing to renew insurance and membership ASAP

    Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but anyway: I'm from Plymouth university caving club and our health and safety sec didn't arrange to renew our membership and insurance. I have only just found out that this still hasn't been done but we are planning a visit to the...
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    Uni club seeking surveys

    Hi there, I'm president of the Plymouth uni Adventure & Expo club and I want to build up more of our member's caving experience and was wondering if anyone has access to local surveys that we could use to help introduce our members to using a survey and navigating around caves. For example a...
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    Club funding for SRT kits

    Hi there, Not sure if this the right place to ask, but here goes. I'm the kit sec for my university adventure and expo club and we cave but have on SRT kit. I really want to expand our clubs caving gear, but really need funding to be able to afford anything. Does anybody know where we could go...