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    Expedition training

    What you say about acceleration is true, but I think you are forgetting that at the later stage in stepping up on a step, you must accelerate downwards (let's not talk about deceleration) so you come to rest. So in that later stage the force you are applying to the step - and therefore the force...
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    Expedition training

    Are you sure? I think that so long as you maintain your height you are working at the same rate as though you were climbing a fixed rope at the same speed as the one you are on is being lowered. Perhaps a small winch could be controlled in a way that allowed it to lower a climber on a rope loop...
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    Expedition training

    Those 80m times sound quite respectable to me.
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    'Caving Memories' / 'Wilky' DVD - anyone recognise this?

    Someone went to a lot of trouble taking those excellent photos in some hard caves.
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    Northern Lights

    These things can be a bit of a letdown. A friend of a friend spent a lot of money going to the States for a solar eclipse, but at the crucial time it went dark and he didn't see a thing.
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    Carabiners - Uses & Preferences...

    Before I knew better I used an alloy D maillon which never gave any trouble for at least 15 years until I found myself dangling on one leg loop at a rebelay near the top of Diccan 1st pitch. After years of use the threads had worn to the extent that it opened by sliding. I bought a D triact and...
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    Just Go Caving! - Images required please!

    I think you would be surprised how many active cavers have been regular visitors there.
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    Missing nuts in Whalf!

    The screw or bolt shanks that form the hinge pins of the inner lid of the engine shaft were well worn last time I looked (probably pre-pandemic) and could also do with replacing. I imagine that would be a grinder job.
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    Devonshire missing padlock

    There are lots of other ungated places where people can do themselves or their kids in. Why the anxiety about this one? If it's because the landowner might permanently block it if DCA doesn't keep banging it's head against a wall replacing padlocks/inventing new gating methods then let that...
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    Peak cavernTrenches, mud collapse

    On a couple of occasions I remember very big lumps of compacted mud peeling off the LH wall, facing towards Peak. Anyone caught would certainly have been in trouble. The consensus at the time was that the (then) new air movement was drying it out.
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    No escape from Titan!

    Terrible place. You do right.
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    No escape from Titan!

    Memory plays tricks, but I don't remember the worms or the farmyard smell in the first 5 years or so of trips through from Titan, and I was doing that a few times a year. Perhaps I was lucky. After it started it seemed to be a regular problem. I wonder if the people who dug open the route...
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    Carlswalk Gin entrance.

    Rigged the gin entrance??
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    How far are the effects of earthquakes felt?

    About 30 years ago we were granted access to a cave beneath a quarry above Bradwell, on the way up to Bradwell Moor. Just a short pitch led into what had obviously once been a well decorated passage, but all the stal was in bits on the floor. We understood this was due to blasting, but it really...
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    Our new Inclusivity Coordinator

    Now THAT'S inclusive!!!😂
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    The Origin of Cave Draughts - Question

    IF the incoming air is noticeably colder than cave air, AND it only happens in winter, doesn't that mean there is another connection to the surface that is lower than the one you used (and not too far away)? If either of those conditions is not met I have no idea.
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    Giant's Hole - Round Trip pull-through to Crabwalk being rebolted Sat 20th January

    And of course there is the jug handle about 20m upstream of the pull through. You can rig it for lowering with an easy controlled slide for the last person if they don't want to risk pulling through on it. Although the deep rope groove suggests that has been done many times.
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    This sort of thing exasperates me!

    Seems harmless as these things go. Although someone should explain to him that white bread doesn't do waterfowl any good.
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    Boxhead - Cracker in WET conditions

    That rift was the only awkward part of the whole place, but worth struggling with for the sake of a couple of lovely pitches.
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    How Can War and Space Help Caving ?

    It's possible to argue that if people's minds hadn't been softened by that unspeakable filth they would have forseen and avoided things like a couple of world wars, global warming and Brexit.