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    Pridhamsleigh strange odour.

    I've been down Prid with a few groups this week and there's a strange odour coming from the Angels Wings/ bottom of the Rift area. I haven't had chance to investigate and I'm working away for the rest of the week so won't be able to have a look until next week. If anyone can have a look please...
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    Lynx X3000

    It's getting close to new lamp time. I am thinking of getting one of Roy's Lynx X3000s. Any user feed back yet?
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    Pearls taken from Bakers

    Some git has taken some cave pearls from Bakers Pit :spank:. The pearls were photographed within the last two weeks so this has happened within the last two weeks. As access to Bakers is restricted to key holders it may be possible to find out who has taken them. Any information would be greatly...
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    Petzl Ultra Vario

    Has any one used a Petzl Ultra Vario lamp? If so are they any good? Cheers.