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    Expedition training

    There are three caving specific things you might consider. First, abseil and climb lots of big pitches. Getting good at rebelays and deviations is useful but the main thing is to do lots and lots of metres. Second, get good at meanders. Juniper Gulf is my favourite for both of these, but I'm...
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    Caving Memes

    I get the point about going off topic. However, it's an important subject for many of us (parents or recent graduate cavers) so I think it's pertinent to discuss it. If moderators want to open a separate thread, that's up to them and I'd be happy to continue it there.
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    Caving artwork

    Looks very similar to the Robin Gray pictures I have
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    Caving Memes

    If you're a hospital doctor, you're likely to hit the sort of salaries Fjell mentions - ie you'll end up paying it all off. Given the current interest rates, this is akin to having a rather expensive second mortgage. However, if you try to pay it off as a lump sum, you either need generous...
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    First Aid Kits

    Practically, saliva is easier for mums, urine for dads. And dads might find the concept slightly less repellent....
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    Friday joke - WARNING - contains swearing.

    Ouch. Very good but definitely Ouch....
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    How big is the average UK caving club?

    Perhaps a little too accurate. Unless you're trying to fit down Strans Gill (insert improbably narrow cave of choice) when being .57142 etc might be an advantage. By that token I probably represent 1.2 or, if our formidable and unbribeable practice nurse is involved, 1.6. OK, 2.
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    First Aid Kits

    If you carry a first aid kit in your car, I suggest adding a waterproof kneeler to your stuff (the sort of padded kneeler they sell in garden centres). I spent an uncomfortable couple of hours a few months ago, kneeling next to a broken motorcyclist who kept trying to obstruct his airway. By the...
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    Vegan food

    I haven't. Should I? However, fungi seem the best solution to feeding everyone when (insert cataclysm of choice) occurs. Which is a bugger cos I've recently bought a very fine barbecue which can incinerate meat or vegetables perfectly. Non-standard mushrooms are more challenging....
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    Vegan food

    Hard to avoid fungi, whatever you eat. However, they don't belong to either animal or plant kingdoms. Does that mean we need to anticipate a new category of fungivore who eats neither plant nor animal? Realistically, this may describe the standard survivor in a post-utopian world....
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    Vegan food

    In answer to Hannah B: I'm basing my statement on personal experience; thirty years as consultant physician sharing a medical firm with two gastroenterologists with specific expertise in coeliac disease and irritable bowel syndrome (hence, as a coeliac, I took great interest in the subject and...
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    Vegan food

    I haven't read every post in this thread, but most of the 'GF-bashing" has been nothing of the sort, rather the posts criticising GF have been pointing out its problems. I spent 40 years eating normal food and enjoying it far too much before I developed symptoms and was diagnosed as a coeliac...
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    Vegan food

    Gluten free is fairly easy though a little inconvenient. More importantly, there are three categories of gluten freedom. First, people with coeliac disease (me) where gluten is poisonous. Avoid. Eating gluten has demonstrably evil consequences. Second, people with a 'wheat intolerance'. This...
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    Modafinil post

    Interestingly, in the time it took to write the previous post, the original thread has disappeared!
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    Modafinil post

    I tried to complain about the modafinil australia post but the report button said the thread couldn't be found, nor could I post a reply complaining about it, hence the new post. Modafinil is a prescription only medicine which is very effective when prescribed appropriately but is subject to...
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    Another small earthquake in Derbyshire

    Some people would have thought it was a poltergeist.
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    Problem at Braida Garth in Kingsdale, last night.

    Totally agree with Badlad. But this has often required a long, period of careful diplomacy by tactful people who understand (or are seen to try to understand) the farmers' or landowners' points of view. The people I refer to are recent arrivals who seem to have no understanding that farmers have...
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    Caving club fun ranking

    I can't help thinking, this is a particularly futile thread. If your club is mind-warpingly outrageous, you don't need to advertise. I was warned off the BEC by my parents when I was a teenage member of the Wessex. Everyone knew Beelzebub was a founder member of the BEC.... Why do you need the...
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    Problem at Braida Garth in Kingsdale, last night.

    Referring back to the 'rights' and 'privileges' where access is concerned. You may have a right to walk over one person's land but, if that right is abused, She'll be pissed off (as will He). One night's drinking later, every other farmer in the area will agree. It may not affect your right to...
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    How to check out a white passage - educational post :-)

    Very impressive! If only we were all so punctilious (and so lucky - looks like a wonderful find!)..