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    Illusion Pot

    Having only been down Illusion in settled weather when the former sump has been completely dry, does anyone know how quickly it reacts to rain in conditions such as we have now?
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    Illusion Pot

    I was thinking of having a trip down there on Sunday. Given that the weather forecast shows heavy showers today turning into light rain over the weekend, does anybody know how quickly the ducky/sumpy bit takes to become impassable and how long it takes to clear afterwards? How stable does the...
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    Caving advice - Eastern Pyrenees

    My parents have recently bought a place close to Perpignan. With the prospect of cheap holidays looming, does anyone have any knowledge of caving in this area? Thanks
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    Carlswark - big dig

    Just come back from a trip through Carlswark. The big dig passage seemed to have a lot of water in it. Crawling was chest deep water most of the way and at (what I think was) the end of the crawl, the airspace reduced to around 4 - 5 inches. Not having expected this much water or knowing the...
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    Anybody tried using the Nikon wireless flash underground?

    I have a Nikon D70s and a Nikon SB800 flash which I'm considering using underground. The flash can be controlled by this camera wirelessly and (apart from a short delay after releasing the shutter) works quite effectively. I'm thinking this might be a reasonably alternative to faffing around...
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    Recommendations for a caving club in Yorkshire

    After an absence of a few years I'm looking to get back into caving. I'm currently based in Yorkshire in the Ilkley area. Ideally I'm looking for a club with a decent number of members of a similar age group (I'm 31). Anybody got any good recommendations? Thanks.