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    Dow Cave

    On a  trip down Dow cave today.I came across something interesting on the walk to the cave.After crossing the bridge and slippery steam i was about to head up the final slope to the Entrance when i noticed a fresh pile of stone to my left.On a closer look a 1m by 3m trench has been dug with a...
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    Goyden Pot

    On one of the best days of the year weather wise. I decided it was time to refresh my memory of Goyden Pot.After a check of the reservoir we got kitted up by the picnic tables.It was over a year since i was last down here on a cold frosty winters night.I was amazed by the size of the trees and...
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    Wretched Rabbit TR

    To days trip had been on the cards for a while .It was a plan with 4 parts to it. 1st To do Spiral Staircase Passage 2ND To visit Easter Grotto 3rd To find the route from Holdeck Junction to Stop Pot 4Th To find the flood escape route from stop pot via 4 ways chamber. I have been down Wretched...
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    Cherry Tree Hole TR

    Todays plan for the last trip of the was to be Wretched rabbit ,but at the last minute we choose cherry tree hole.An early start had us driving through a deserted malham.We called in at Darnbrook Farm to ask permission .After a quick change in the cold morning air  we set off to the cave we...
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    Dowkabottom cave

    For the annual Christmas eve trip we decided to go up Wharfedale to do dowkabottom Cave .The last time i went down there the duck had dried up.But with the weather we have had over the last few months i put in my neo-fleece.We parked up got changed and set off walking up the hill. On arrival at...
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    Snatcher Pot

    On  the second of my Thursday  evening caving trips ,last week being a trip into Dowbergill passage from the Dow end to Rock window at stream level.We decided to do snatcher pot in Penyghent gill.My only experience of this trip was about 4 years earlier when i got to the start of the narrow...
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    Lost Johns cave on friday

    On another day off midweek caving trip i and four friends did Lost Johns Cave on Friday .One team rigged Cathedral route and the other team rigged centipede.We all met up at the start of Battleaxe Traverse.This is a great traverse leading to one of the best pitches in the Dales Valhalla.My heart...
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    Wharfedale Caves

    Is caving in Wharfedale having a bit of a revival since the publishing of NFTFH?I seemed to be reading more trip reports from clubs caving in the Wharfedale valley ie ULSA WhiteRose and others.Are there teams active in these caves most weekends .The trips i am thinking of are Birksfell cave...
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    Hardrawkin Pot

    On another midweek day off,we decided to do another SRT trip.The trip we picked was Hardrawkin Pot.I have never seen the water so low ,with only a little trickle on the pitches.The first pitch is an excellent shaft.Pity the second is not longer.I hear there is another 30m pitch beyond the sump.I...
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    Heron Pot High Level Route

    On a much earned day off ,i decided to go caving with a mate of mine .The pot we picked was Heron Pot. Instead of the usual 2 pitches ,we did the High level Route which leads to a fine pitch in a circular shaft.I have known about this route for over 15 years but it has taken till now to get...
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    Neo fleece trips

    I recently bought myself a warmbac neo fleece and used it for the first time this week,and was very impressed Has any one been on any trips in the past that they thought hey i am so glad i wore my neo fleece Dowbergill Simpsons pot ,whitsun series GG.?? I would be really interested in your tales...
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    Pay Sank trip info

    Has any one been down this new pot near grange Rigg any info would be great including pitch rigging info.Also which number Descent was the article about its discovery in.
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    Easter caving plans

    Has any one got any trips planned yet for the Easter period? The weather in the Dales has been pretty dry over the last few days.
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    New Swildons book

    Just bought myself a copy of the new swildons book.It looks to be an excellent book It would be great if a book like this for Yorkshire was done ,maybe in chapters ie Easegill ,Leck fell ,3 Peaks ,Wharfedale.One for the future?
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    Raumer P-shaped resin anchor

    Is it possible to use Raumer P-shaped anchors with Collinox Resin.ie the one in the glass tube. Any info would be great.
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    Dow Cave rescue- missing kit

    During the rescue last Friday a bolt driver was lost in the water and possibly a small amount of other kit.If any one finds any bits when they are down Dow Cave please post here or contact uwfra .It might be visible when the water levels are lower.They may or may not be ok. UWFRA
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    Pillar Holes

    Due to the very wet weather this week i am looking at wet weather options.Could Pillar Holes be called an all weather cave.It is a long time since i last did it and it was dry then.Any info would be great.
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    Hull pot Flooding

    Has any one seen for them selves the total flooding of Hull Pot? When the water level meets the fell level and makes a giant pool. I have seen the pictures in the crown pub and 3 peaks cafe I have been up there in wet weather but it has never been near full. What sort of rain would case it...
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    Not For The Faint Hearted book

    It's about a year since this excellent book came out. Has anyone managed to tick them all? I think it is a tall order to do them all in one year. I am talking about over a caving career. One day some superhuman night do it in a year. The challenge is on!
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    Aygill Caverns

    i am thinking about going down Aygill caverns next week,any one been down recently.The description in northern caves 3 looks complex but in selected caves of britain it is much shorter.Any info would be great.