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    Cave Rescue Incident Management System

    Very cool, the video was very handy to see. Great work! How is the public release going for folks to pull it apart to check everything is working as it should? I guess this has been tested from a user perspective, but how many people have double checked and stressed the code? I’d love to have...
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    Cave Rescue Procedures (continued)

    Moderator comment: posts continuing from https://ukcaving.com/board/index.php?threads/cave-rescue-procedures.31562/ All depends if they factor ample “problem-solving time” into their call-out. If they do, then once the call-out passes you know there is something wrong. Whereas the other...
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    Cave Rescue Incident Management System

    I’m always a bit cautious when adopting software that is a bit of a black box. What happens to the tool if something happens to you? You could quite easily end up adopting software that dies because it is coded up using a niche method that not many people know. Just something to think about for...
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    Cwm Rhosydd through trip

    Please make sure you know what you are doing, the CRTT has caused quite a few call-outs for us. https://www.dailypost.co.uk/news/north-wales-news/rescuers-plea-cavers-using-extremely-28152662.amp
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    How Can War and Space Help Caving ?

    If they are above-surface aerial drones then they cannot map underground spaces using LiDAR alone. LiDAR does not pass through solid objects, its only lasers. I suspect they are talking about a drone already underground and flying through an underground network, mapping it - this is nothing...
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    CRTT Updates

    Already happened, the previous incident to this one got on BBC, Sky etc. and blew up.
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    CRTT Updates

    NWCRO have published a statement on the recent CRTT incident at the weekend. https://www.facebook.com/people/North-Wales-Cave-Rescue-Organisation/100064274425911/
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    Petzl Aven Harness size 1 vs 2

    Yeah I have seen a leg loop pull through first hand and it is terrifying. Only a matter of time until someone gets seriously injured or even killed in the wrong circumstances.
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    I’ll happily contribute and collate location data. Geospatial data is my thing.
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    I’m sorry but this is starting to sound unnecessarily aggressive. You are talking about a guy that volunteered a huge amount of his time, effort and money to create something for others to enjoy but external factors took that away. Now it seems you are suggesting going after him to get data...
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    Yes I think we have already shown there there is a huge amount of data that exists out there publicly, so time to get on with collating it???
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    Another one… the British Geological Survey maintain a dataset of mines and quarries. You can access the data here https://www.bgs.ac.uk/datasets/britpits/
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    An additional dataset that is North Wales specific is http://www.hendrecoed.org.uk/Wilkinson It’s a lot more specific for the region compared to the GB1900 data but still based on historical maps, so the accuracy varies.
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    If you are just interested in location data, there is a lot out there available already. I’m sitting on a lot of GB-wide location data related to mining. Some of it I can share, some of it I can’t. The latest count is 330k locations of varying accuracy. One source I can share is the GB1900...
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    SRT Practice Walls

    Get a sling and carabiner over a tree limb and pass a rope through it, securing the end at the base of the tree trunk with a locked off belay device. If anyone gets stuck, release the anchor and lower them down to the ground. Granted you can’t practice manoeuvres like deviations and rebelays but...
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    CT CRIC Device Back In Stock

    Wow, I’m very impressed!
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    To clarify, people entrusted their data to AN alone when they uploaded it, and therefore they might not be happy with that data being shared beyond that relationship with others without their permission. I hope you can understand it’s not as simple as just sharing the data in bulk, because there...
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    I do understand what you mean, but remember that people uploaded personal and sensitive stuff there too, so it is not exactly public domain knowledge ready to hand out to just anyone to build a website from which could be considered reckless. All I can say is that everything is archived...
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    I can tell you that the data are safe. Only the shop front has disappeared, the warehouse of stock is still safe elsewhere. Just needs a shop front developing.
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    Happy Birthday Pegasus

    Happy birthday! Thanks for all that you do.