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    Lost Fenix torch in Peak Cavern

    An extremely long shot I know, but worth a try...  :down: I loaned out my helmet at the weekend for a trip in Peak Cavern and it came back without the backup light.  The route was a tour of the main peak streamway between Buxton Water sump and Far sump, with visits to Lake Passage and the muddy...
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    new photo site

    That's a real lighting effect that those of us that work in 3D computer graphics spend a good deal of time trying to emulate.  It's called rim lighting and is caused by a cleverly positioned back light: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three-point_lighting
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    Found: Cows tails at Whalf/Knotlow

    Found: Cows Tails in the field between then Whalf & Knotlow engine shafts.  Blue/yellow/grey rope & 2 screwgate krabs. Figure 8 on the short cowstail and overhand on the long ( for those of you that obsess about those kind of things  ;) )
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    Missing: Helmet & Light at The Wessex

    My Helmet & Light went missing at the Wessex Cave Club Cottage over the weekend (25th/26th October).  It was in the changing room on the top of my kit in my kitbag on Saturday night but wasn't there Sunday morning.  If you've picked it up by accident or someone moved it and you see it around the...