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    CRTT - No rope of Croesor 1st Pitch

    Wasn't the in situ rope left snagged out of reach when the first group's rope was taken out? This raises issues when there are multiple groups in the mine. As the second group do you use the first group's rope or remove their's and rig your own? If you rig over their's then you run the risk of...
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    New Mining Forum/Db Discussion Group

    Sorry. I have no idea what a Slack group is. Is this only for competent contributors, or also for very interested observers/ethusiasts? Wishing you the very best in your undertaking.
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    CRTT zip line - too fast!

    Welcome Boris DK. I note that your first post was thoughtful, in that you were thinking of the safety of others. There's sometimes an aversion to safety signage. Some think that warning signs are an admission that something's wrong, and can lead to legal liability. Also there then becomes a new...
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    Carbon offsetting for expeditions

    Do you just offset the CO2 for your flight, or do you include the taxi journey to the airport? Do you include the taxi driver's detour to pick you up? What about the extra CO2 burnt rushing about packing? You know what. Absolutely nobody is checking how much you paid. I guess it's like any...
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    Carbon offsetting for expeditions

    I couldn't have hoped for a better set of examples. Lots of details packed into that link on types of tree etc. Lots of coverage in Scotland, which I was particularly interested in. Thanks for posting.
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    Carbon offsetting for expeditions

    On another side track, does anyone know of an actual carbon offset forest planted in the UK? Something that I could actually visit and see for myself.
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    Croesor Rhosydd - Boat is stuck

    Fantastic work! Thank you. Hopefully now the canoe route is fixed, in future these inflatables will now stay in punters rucksacks and continue on their journey homewards? Is there merit in leaving one or two choice inflatables on the Rhosydd side in case of future events like the last callout?
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    Carbon offsetting for expeditions

    Before we go too far off on a tangent, it's worth considering the reliability of this Ralph Ellis chap whose posted videos started these distractions. His various books include one where the Scots and Irish are descendants of Tutankhamen. In another fantasy he claims that Jesus was the Grandson...
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    Croesor Rhosydd - Boat is stuck

    Ah! Thanks for that clarification. Not one of those many callouts seems to have involved any kind of injury. This is remarkable considering the technical difficulties here compared to say, walking up a mountain. It seems this group was unaware the boat was stuck. The overdue groups were...
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    Carbon offsetting for expeditions

    I just Googled "is carbon offsetting a con". It's probably an issue when the top three stories are from the Guardian, Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth. If I were to give money to anyone, it would be a charity like Woodland Trust rather than a company.
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    Croesor Rhosydd - Boat is stuck

    Well done NWCRO! Can anyone help me understand what's happened here please? I am reading that they had to retrace their route due to the boat, and one failed at the final pitch back up. I had read that there was a diversion added to bypass this first abseil. I'm wondering that if there needs to...
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    Go pro case

    They can be awkward to button press while mounted on helmets etc. I got a cheap wrist strap remote control. It eats into the battery time a little (I imagine). But I enjoy having the visual display to prove whether it's on photo or movie setting, and if it's still rolling.
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    Name the bottle

    For sun burn?
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    Right to roam

    As an example of how confusing things are in Scotland. We did a local Loch walk a few weeks back. The loch claims to be privately owned and private paddle boarding or kayaking is prohibited. Having researched this it turns out these signs are not lawful. Have no idea where we would have been...
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    Right to roam

    I don't think it was only litter and damage that was the problem in the Trossachs. There was also just too many tents in the prime positions meaning that nobody else could share the space. I recall getting off the ferry at Rowardennan and having to negotiate a way through a mass of tents, guy...
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    Calling cave rescue via 999 ?

    To answer the OP's original question. Calling 999 or 101 will take you through to your local Police Service. If you're calling for a third party in another Force area then that's creating an extra link in the chain of communication. A better option for a concern of a lack of contact from an...
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    Cumbria coal mine go-ahead

    I'd read that the coal mine is go under the Irish Sea. I hadn't realised the plan to also extract fish from it! 😆
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    Cumbria coal mine go-ahead

    Again no. But hair weavers like Arthur Scargill, possibly yes?
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    Cumbria coal mine go-ahead

    Post war there were hundreds of coal mines in the UK. It was economics and capitalism that closed them down, not Green zealots. Same reason that we buy cheap general goods from abroad. They're cheap. Again no cause to point a finger at the tree-huggers there either.
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    Cwmorthin Slate Mine Resurvey

    Thanks for sharing. Reminds me that it's well worth a return there.