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  1. bat

    Hidden Earth site plan and arrival information

    Sorry I wasn't clear, I meant for arriving in the afternoon, not late arrivals. Thanks for your prompt reply above.
  2. bat

    Hidden Earth site plan and arrival information

    What time will the reception be open? for camping
  3. bat

    Glow Worms

    Will do. The graveyard recording may have been me, but I've not seen them in the country park, will have to have a look. This one was by the Baxcastal Pub a couple of years ago.
  4. bat

    Glow Worms

    Seen them in the graveyard and along the disused railway in Southwater West Sussex for the last 6 years probably been there a lot longer.
  5. bat

    Lost over suit

    Warmbac over suit size XL recently left in South Wales Caving Club changing room (20th Feb), taken in error (I hope) by someone as it?s not there now. If it was you, or you know the person responsible please could you return it to me or leave at the SWCC in the not too distant future, I will be...
  6. bat

    Campsite in Gramat France

    Du's any one out there happen to know the phone number of the campsite just outside of Gramat ? Assuming it still exists, the one I'm looking for is on the left side of the road out of Gramat just past the zoo. The address & number I have is " Quercy Plein Air. Malpaial, 46500, Issendolus. Phone...
  7. bat

    Caving in Tunisia

    Hi I'm of to Tunisia in a couple of weeks and if swmbo lets me should be able to take a light and helmet (will probable take one for her as-well, need someone to hold the flash guns). so I was wandering if anyone had any information on the caves in Tunisia if any preferrable in the Hammammet...