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  1. L

    Welsh Wezzit

    Moss Risings (another wild guess without getting the book out!)
  2. L

    Welsh Wezzit

    Wild guess... Raining Rabbit?
  3. L

    Welsh Wezzit

    Elm hole?
  4. L

    Old Fart and His Dog at Eglwys Fean

    How did i miss that?! It's brilliant...glad it's resurfaced. Iolo Williams evil twin goes caving! :)
  5. L

    Agen Allwedd - Priory Road Exploration

    Good job. Eating the elephant one mouthful at a time. :) (CRO is Yorkshire, around South Wales it's SMWCRT.)
  6. L

    Best glue to stick the soles of my shoes back together?

    Sometimes i can't tell if I'm reading UK Caving or Mumsnet. 😐
  7. L

    Friday joke - WARNING - contains swearing.

    I thought you and your neighbour were getting on very well together. It was like electricity between you...
  8. L

    Oak stemple from Far Sump Extension

    If you fail to find a home for it I've got a wood-burner.
  9. L

    Friday joke - WARNING - contains swearing.

    There should be another red arrow pointing at the pavement. (Perhaps that's in a slightly more advanced pack though.)
  10. L

    BBC - Inside Scotland's Ancient Bone Caves

    Well, if it does arrive you can split it with us, cos me and the Mrs don't remember receiving our modelling fees for appearing in your photos 😀. (I hadn't even noticed, but Mrs Longdrop has sharper eyes than i have!)
  11. L

    BBC - Inside Scotland's Ancient Bone Caves

    Doubtless a huge cheque for royalties is in the post to you. 👍
  12. L

    Bernie's under new ownership!

    Interesting. I suspect that krab was actually made by HB Climbing, who went bust about 15 years ago. Used to visit them for work purposes on the Llandygai industrial estate. One of the reasons they collapsed was that they could not afford to replace the worn out tooling they needed for making...
  13. L

    Welsh Wezzit

    That's far too many clues! :)
  14. L

    Sheet steel

    ...keep your eyes open and you might find one lying around in the road for free. (y)
  15. L

    Caving article in The Spectator

    ...forty-six, forty-seven, forty-eight... (sorry, just counting the number of times the word 'fatal'appears in the text. ;-) ) Seriously Pete, a very good article.
  16. L

    Stolen motorcycle

    Sorry to hear that. I hope you get it back, but being realistic i doubt you will. Useless scroats will have anything unless you use multiple chains to something solid and cover it in rottweilers. :( I think there are a couple of BMW GS forums, might be worth posting on those as well if you...
  17. L

    Vegan food

    I prefer egg, sausage and bacon. But, I'm open to trying fried vegan.
  18. L

    Ingleborough Hall closure consultation; petition

    Well, now that i study in the area, I've signed.
  19. L

    Caving Memes

    @ 2xw as a CDG member i find your meme to be very offensive and not in the least bit amusing. I've no idea who you are but my gut reaction to you is 'f*** off '.
  20. L

    Ingleborough Hall closure consultation; petition

    Would have signed but it asks that you live, work or study in the Bradford area and give your local address.