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  1. Sid

    Best ever bands that are still hanging around

    Wishbone Ash (1969)
  2. Sid

    Vegan food

    a Butcombe beer flavoured crisp is now avail https://beertoday.co.uk/2024/02/28/butcombe-crisps-0224/
  3. Sid

    Very silly pics

    I bought 5 trays of these before i got the digger!
  4. Sid

    Very silly pics

  5. Sid

    Portland on MCRA

    Have recently added many photos to the caves and digs of Portland on MCRA. Start your search here using Isle of Portland https://www.mcra.org.uk/registry/registrysearch.php Hows this view from a dig entrance https://www.mcra.org.uk/photoarchive/view.php?image=1717&siteid=2606 Many thanks to...
  6. Sid

    Cottages at FCQ

    More cavers cars at FCQ for you https://www.mcra.org.uk/photogallery/picture.php?/2861/category/36
  7. Sid

    Swildons changing barn, Priddy, now ready

    Good work. Before there were club huts it was the place to stay. https://www.mcra.org.uk/photogallery/picture.php?/2610/category/2
  8. Sid

    Are Regional Caving Databases Fit For Purpose ?

    I have removed the test comments and thank you for looking. This is a local issue to TOR and we will do what we can to help him. No one else has reported an issue adding a comment. Hundred's of photos have been added to MCRA recently and the good work by the registrars continues including on...
  9. Sid

    Are Regional Caving Databases Fit For Purpose ?

    I have asked a few of the team to try it and they have had no issues.
  10. Sid

    Cottages at FCQ

    A great image here from Nick Chipchase showing what the cottages next to Fairy Cave Quarry car park used to look like. https://www.mcra.org.uk/photogallery/picture.php?/2179/category/33
  11. Sid

    Bath Stone and Portland Quarries

    Just added to MCRA a collection of glass magic lantern slides privately purchased and lent to us to scan and make available. There were no notes with the collection but Dave Grosvenor has added some. Any additional info appreciated. https://www.mcra.org.uk/photogallery/
  12. Sid

    Mendip Underground 3

    Do you know who the caver is on the cover of MU3 please? https://www.mcra.org.uk/photogallery/picture.php?/1818/category/29
  13. Sid

    Photo storage and backup

    For the MCRA i use Carbonite which backs up in realtime. We do have over 750gb and the archive grows all the time so the expense of using Carbonite will hopefully be the best cost effective option to protect the images for the future. The separate HDD or mother drive the archive lives on is...
  14. Sid

    Mendip Rocks! 2023

    and if you cant make it Andy's report on Brownes Hole is available to view at https://www.mcra.org.uk/wiki/doku.php?id=start
  15. Sid

    Bleadon Cavern

    DM sent of the last address i have. Cheers
  16. Sid

    B&W photo of motorcycle laden with caving gear

    Hi, sure no probs. Happy to help. Cheers
  17. Sid

    B&W photo of motorcycle laden with caving gear

    Not sure of the book but we have many in the archive heres one for starters https://www.mcra.org.uk/photogallery/picture.php?/1543/category/22
  18. Sid

    Skulls From Stoke Lane Slocker

    A few photos of the Brownes' excavation. https://www.mcra.org.uk/photogallery/picture.php?/1683/category/22
  19. Sid

    Using a smart phone as a slide scanner

    A very useable option for when the full scanning kit is not available. Re point 8 - use the timer
  20. Sid

    Searching for very old photo of Goatchurch entrance

    That image not in MCRA. Worth asking Wells Museum though.