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    Caving club committee roles

    Vice presidents Librarian Cottage (hut) warden Bookings
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    Caving Snacks

    Mini cheeses, cathedral city cheddar usually but sometimes the shops sell variety packs.
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    How to retrieve SRT kit?

    The above suggestions are all basically to avoid having to circle back afterwards to descend and then ascend and derig the ropes you rigged the first time around. But sometimes that is what you do. For instance, I did JH to Peak Cavern as a through trip last year on Saturday, and we went back to...
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    Pc non-pc cave names

    I have just read on Wikipedia there was a vocal group in the 70s called Thunderthighs. Did the backing vocals to Lou Reed's 'Walk on the Wild Side'. Perhaps the cave could be named after one of their few singles. "Dracula's Daughter" Pot? Can't say it has the greatest ring to it though...
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    Pc non-pc cave names

    Apologies, but if you have time would you mind rewording this for me? I'm struggling to understand your meaning.
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    Pc non-pc cave names

    You make it sound like every girl who displayed "tomboy" traits as a kid is now going to be approached and asked if she'd like to transition to male, or every boy who wears heels and "is in touch with his emotions" is going to be approached and asked if he'd like to transition to female. One...
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    Daren Cilau - Through Trip - Daren to Cnwc

    Did this trip with a group of 4 yesterday, cncw to daren direction. The CSS route descriptions from the newly revamped website were very good (had them printed for both directions in case we needed to backtrack). 3 of us had never been in daren before and we had one member who had recce'd cncw...
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    Bolts and Insurance

    Yes, I thought that when I went two weekends ago for the first time until I easily pushed it to one side. It's not fixed at all. I doubt (I think) that anyone would deliberately pick it up and chuck it down the hole, especially if a rope was rigged off it, but still. I'm aware the same thing...
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    Ardèche - Trip Suggestions and Guidebooks

    Despeysse to Saint Marcel is a must. Just going in the Saint Marcel is a must. You need to book a key for the Saint Marcel. I'm surprised I've beaten other chatty NPC members to this post but we've been twice in recent years. I wrote a blog post actually in 2019...
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    Caving Hacks, or things you learn with age?

    Put insoles in your wellies, liner socks under your wetsocks, and as many kneepad inserts as you can fit into the knee pockets (if you have them). Comfy :)
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    Methods of protecting in-situ ropes from unwanted usage

    I would second the use of labels saying that rigging was permanent for ongoing diving projects and if it can be used - in fact last time I was in Shuttleworth, I met you there, Ben, and I didn't know it was permanent rigging, so I used my time rigging down and briefly delaying you guys from...
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    Documentary about the big rescue from OFD last November

    If that list doesn't make cavers smile what will :)
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    Beware loose boulders in Nidderdale caves

    I had no idea this resource existed - thanks. :) Visited Goyden for the first time on the 17th, not long before. (I can see you've posted about earthquakes at other times... daresay I just never paid attention before!)
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    Ladies wellies

    Nowadays I wear short Dunlop wellies due to the size of my calves. I don't think they're specifically for ladies but may be wrong. I also don't remember if they do them in sizes smaller than 7! I think I'm on my third or fourth pair, and were around a tenner on Amazon last I purchased them. I...
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    What caving related thing did you do today?

    Read the description of Streaks Pot in Selected Caves and wonder if I dare try it at the end of the month...
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    County Pot

    I was under the impression someone decided to permanently rig County at the moment due to Wretched Rabbit being closed. Not that that means rope removal shouldn't be discussed.