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    Devonshire missing padlock

    Definitely needs doing though. We turned a guy away with his kid as they didn't have Helmets and had "just been to Rutland cavern and masson cavern" so thought they would go here. A chain would be a good option to be honnest
  2. D

    Devonshire missing padlock

    (Reposted here as I posted in the wrong forum FAO admins) Went to Devonshire cavern the weekend and found the padlock is missing from the upper entrance. Thought I would post it here Dan UKME
  3. D

    Alum pot on Mummy’s day:by Lily Patrick aged 3 1/2

    What great parents/grandparents. Have taken my lad underground on really small excursions. This has definitely convinced me to take him smwhere a bit more daring
  4. D

    Caving Illnesses

    Yeah this pain is really sharp and stops me driving home sometimes untill it recedes.
  5. D

    Missing person N.Yorks with caving links

    Sad news. Think he has been found https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/news/local-news/body-found-search-missing-adam-26557296.amp
  6. D

    Caving Illnesses

    Just had a read up and I have symptoms of both haha. Think the pain is probabily more related to gout but going to have to speek to somone I think...thanks for your reply!!
  7. D

    Caving Illnesses

    Just a quick question to this post... I have found that when I go caving and get my feet wet, once drying it feels like I've got somone stabbing my toes with a long ass pin. Like really bad pain and feels like my bone is being stabbed at. Anyone else get this? It's literally only when I get...
  8. D

    Ball Eye Mine Collapse!

    Just saw photos of this new collapse. Looks like the pack wall to the side of the shaft with the pipe going down has given way and filled it up.
  9. D

    Knotlow (pearl chamber) Petzl Pantin Plate

    Thanks mate. I felt it come 9ff on the way up the rope so it will be in the bottom of the chamber somwhere. Will sort out postage etc to get it sent back Dan UKME
  10. D

    Knotlow (pearl chamber) Petzl Pantin Plate

    Hello all, Friday we were in knotlow and the metal plate to hole the foot strap to my pantin has popped off. This will be somwhere in pearl chamber. If anyone comes across it can you let me know please! Failing that anyone know where to get a spare? TIA!!
  11. D

    Ball Eye Mine Collapse!

    We may be headed here tomorrow. If we do I'll be sure to take some bags with me and check out this new collapse
  12. D

    Car damage at Jug Holes/Masson parking

    We were here 16th of this month to have a walk to heights of Abraham and back via the footpath at devonshire. On route back past the quarry we could tell there was a lot of commotion going on. Turns out it was a dry tooling event which was advertised online. After more research it looks like...
  13. D

    Cwmystwyth warning -Kings and Queens

    We didn't do the abseil don't worry. Was moreover a wander round looking at adits and we finished in level fawr
  14. D

    Cwmystwyth warning -Kings and Queens

    We were here Sunday looking at the abseil and can confirm the 3rd backup bolt is very loose. Is this a rebelay when through the hole then?