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  1. Logismos

    SUSS - Sheffield University Speleological Society, contact details.

    We've just voted in our new committee, and have a new WebSec who swears he's going to fix the website and emails 🤞 I expect we'll do a little re-launch when it's back in a good state.
  2. Logismos

    Old broken Suunto surveying equipment

    Hey all, Does anyone have any suggestions of what to do with this old trad surveying gear I have ended up with? They are all pretty broken, fogged up and/or muddy. I have access to a workshop and tools to do most things, but I can't work out any way to access the internals and clean them without...
  3. Logismos

    Lost kit in the Dales

    Me and my partner have recently both lost a piece of kit in the Dales 😅 1: Elbow pad lost this Saturday in/near Sunset Hole. We think it was probably towards the end of the trip, possibly even on the surface just near the entrance. 2: AV Chest harness with attached little blue knife and...
  4. Logismos

    Derbyshire Explorers Forum 2023

    Meat pie for me please
  5. Logismos

    DistoX sharing for expeditions

    Personally found the above system to be fairly easy to use, and only marginally more clunky. If only they weren't £230 o_O https://www.suunto.com/en-gb/Products/Compasses/Suunto-Tandem/Suunto-Tandem-360PC-360R-G-Clino-Compass/
  6. Logismos

    P8 Dig Diary Number 2 - Bens dig

    Out with the old, and in with the new! For the last 6 months or so, a youthful-ish contingent of SUSS has been continuing the work on the downward phreas at the end of Ben’s Dig. Mostly organized by Ben Thompson, Toby Ward, and Ben Alston (though with club-wide input) we’ve got a good system...
  7. Logismos


    Nopes from the Underground, a poem by J.A.Craig (SUSS) I take a grip of my descender, Is this place safe for mere pretenders?, I hope I do not meet my end here, Bones laid out beside the sheep’s, Down here, In the Quiet Deep. I feel the cold and slimy rockface, As it slides against my...
  8. Logismos

    Lost: full, kit-taped, SRT kit (Glaxy tape)

    Hey, A few months ago I lost my SRT kit, though I'm not entirely sure where. I've been busy despairing about it for a while, and should have posted here much earlier. I'd been to a variety of huts around the UK, but not used it: so there are a wide number of places it could be. It should be...