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    Things that make sense in a house belonging to a...

    The late, great Barry Andrew used the top rung and hangers from a dead ladder as a bog roll holder.
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    UK mine near miss

    My thought as well. I've been along that section of passage at least a dozen times with no issues.
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    UK mine near miss

    You're right Chris; I was there. In over quarter of a century of mine exploration this is a close as I have come to a catastrophe. As the initial post notes the incident involved the collapse of a false floor. The false floor in question was hidden under waist deep water laying over an...
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    Survival bags

    Thanks for the help.
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    Survival bags

    Clear polythene. In the end we didn't use it in anger for any prolonged period so I'm not really in a position to comment on its effectiveness. On the positive side it had sat in my helmet for several years and was in perfect condition when removed from its packaging.
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    Survival bags

    I've always carried a polythene survival bag in my helmet. This weekend mine got used. Can anyone suggest a source for a replacement (must fit in helmet)?
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    What's the plan for underground visits? In 2020 we planned to do the underground trips in the Tamar Valley. Whilst I agreed to run this side of the conference I didn't think that having the conference based in two centres 60 miles apart was a particularly great idea.
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    NAMHO Conference 2023

    and me
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    Caving Supplies is closing

    End of an era. I used to love getting their printed catalogues in the days before t'interweb
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    Missing person N.Yorks with caving links

    Absolute tragedy. The really sad thing is this mine is well known for bad air. I got caught out down there in 1990; fortunately I realised there was a problem and bailed.
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    New stream cave in the North York Moors?

    Proving once again that the North York Moors is Britain's finest caving region!
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    Beginning Mining

    Check out the Plymouth Caving Group, they do a lot of beginner friendly mine trips in and around the Tamar Valley.
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    Caving Hacks, or things you learn with age?

    Sew braces inside your oversuit
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    Make Your Own Wetsuit

    As a skint caver back in the 90s the late great Barry Andrew donated me an antique home made wetsuit, yellow tape down the seams. I spent a huge amount of time gluing it back together and patching it with random bits of scrounged neoprene. The suit got so bad that I had to be gaffer taped...
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    More cave for Jenga Pot

    Fantastic stuff. Once again proving that the North York Moors is the UKs finest caving region.
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    Petzl stop Vs other descending devices

    Never really got on with the old Stop. I've been using micro racks with hyperbars for years. My current weapon of choice is the BMS microrack. I find they give a superbly smooth progression down the rope.
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    Breakthrough in Fairy Holes (Weardale)

    Absolutely awesome, well done.
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    NAMHO 2022 - A great event!

    A fantastic time was had - thanks to all concerned. (it was nice to meet you too).
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    Bolt query

    Starting to think about my 2022 mine project:  This will involve reclimbing a shaft which has a bit of in situ tat in it.  Whist pretty confident in the tat (famous last words)  for obvious reasons we want to back up the climb with regularly placed bolts and runners.  Due to the acid nature...
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    Mining Journal

    For all us mining types Mining Journal has been digitized and is available at Archive.Org https://archive.org/details/pub_mining-journal?sort=titleSorter Unfortunately not a complete run but certainly a step in the right direction.