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  1. M

    Box Freestone Quarry

    Does anyone know what the initials SMCR stand for on a the walls of Box Freestone Quarry? They appear next to what look like survey marks. Thanks for any help. Matt
  2. M

    Readings Holy Brook

    Bit of a spur of the moment explore this evening, but a good one. I have long wondered about what it is like beneath the shopping streets of Reading where an ancient stream still flows within a culvert. The Holy Brook used to be an open air stream running through the countryside before Reading...
  3. M

    Pyestock NGTE - exploration

    Not quite caving, but Urbex is becoming my stop gap activity between caving trips, certainly gives me my exploration fix. I post this as maybe others might want to give it a try as well. Great for photography, particularly this trip as some of it involved exploring underground wind tunnels that...
  4. M

    1st time repair

    I have a Cordura Warmbac that has split right along the arse seam, most of the way around. Having never attempted to repair one of these before, I wondered how to go about doing this. Patching I guess, but where can I get patches of the right material from? Do you glue on a patch or is there...