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    We Want Your Stickers!

    I’ll pop a few of the older Manchester Uni stickers I have in the post when I get chance 🙂
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    Loose rock in Giants upper traverse

    I've recently encountered a loose chunk of rock in the wall of the Giants upper traverse (Roughly the size of a large brick, right hand wall, about head height, just after the Windpipe.) I tried to give it a garden but while it's wiggling about in the wall pretty freely, for now it won't...
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    Sealskinz Socks

    Anyone use Sealskinz socks before and got any feedback? I've been having some bad cases of cold toes recently but I can never seem to get on with a pair of neoprene wetsocks; they always seem to have raised stitching in weird places and I blister easily. I've got my eye on these - not the...
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    Current access to Oxlow?

    Has anyone been down Oxlow recently/knows what the current state of access is for it? I know a lot of the "turn up at the farms and give them a few quid" caves are saying not to turn up at the house while covid is a concern; is that the case with Oxlow or business as usual?
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    New Stop, any good?

    The new Stop appears to actually be out in the wild now looking at Inglesport's website. Has anyone used one yet, any good or bad reviews?
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    What foot ascender to get

    My foot ascender has vanished to the land of the lost kit so I'm in the market for a replacement. I've previously used the CT offering which i liked but found the catch a bit fiddly, especially when trying to take it off the rope on stuff where you're hanging or don't have much room. With that...
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    Lost at TSG, foot jammer/sock

    I've come away from a Christmas trip to TSG missing a CT Quick Step (right foot, orange, red tough tag) and a bridgedale sock (black, with bridgedale printed down by the toe https://pasteboard.co/HUMHbAz.jpg), has anyone who's been there recently spotted anything?