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  1. Andrew N

    Caving Memes

  2. Andrew N

    University - computer science project

    Something that reads Survex files and does some sort of interesting operations on them. Cave survey data is a big graph - so lots you can do: Loop closures Pathfinding Distance estimation Volumetric calculations (approximate) Lots of comparisons of the above
  3. Andrew N

    The Masongill Traverse

    I’d wanted to do this one for a while but thankfully now you’ve let me know what is involved I won’t have to bother!
  4. Andrew N

    What size bag do I need to take kit on a plane

    I packed everything into a “medium” sized suitcase without having to wear anything. SRT kit, wellies, oversuit, undersuit, helmet, etc… I had a rather large carry on though which I shoved a lot of my clothes into.
  5. Andrew N

    Too Much " Foreign Stuff " In Caving Mags. and Journals ?

    Using the same logic, I could argue that it is pointless exploring your local caves when there is much more to be found abroad. I’m absolutely certain that if there were enough UK caving news to fill Descent, then it would be filled with it. But there isn’t. So it can’t be. It seems really as...
  6. Andrew N

    North End Pot

    Thanks for your valiant efforts which have only slight crossover into the realms of insanity. Excited to go and have a look when able.
  7. Andrew N

    Caving Memes

  8. Andrew N

    Caving Memes

  9. Andrew N

    Caving Memes

  10. Andrew N

    what is the most 'young adult' friendly caving club / hut in the UK

    When I have been at the NPC there has usually been a number of people under 30 drinking alcohol in excess of NHS guidelines
  11. Andrew N

    Petzl Aven/Superavanti Buckle Covers

    Well, I’m sure if you asked Petzl, they’d say the piece of plastic is an optional accessory and isn’t necessary for the safe function of the harness 😉
  12. Andrew N

    New Avanti leg loops slipping

    My Superavanti was purchased in Feb 2023 - not sure of the production date but presumably it was produced before I purchased it and not after. Anyway, it definitely had this problem and I reported it to Petzl at the time and even sent them a video of the orange straps working loose with a...
  13. Andrew N

    Caving Memes

  14. Andrew N

    Trident Series, Cueva Hoyuca (Uzueka)

    Brilliant video. Well worth a watch!
  15. Andrew N

    Breakthrough in Mulu

    +1 for the book
  16. Andrew N

    Lost Johns rigging

    I know any sensible caver would do this, so I'm saying this purely for the benefit of making myself feel better: please do check the ropes are still there/usable before putting yourself into any position where you need them to get out the cave. :)
  17. Andrew N

    Lost Johns rigging

    Hi Ane I’m actually looking at Monday or Tuesday to derig now as I’ve got a commitment on Sunday, so I can confirm I won’t have derigged it on 07/01/2024 but I can’t promise it’ll be there the day after (Monday).
  18. Andrew N

    Lost Johns rigging

    Quite a few people have asked me about this both on UKC and in person, so I wanted to make a dedicated thread to avoid any potentially hazardous confusion. As mentioned in another thread, my ropes are currently on Lost Johns centipede route all the way to the master cave. Apologies for leaving...
  19. Andrew N

    New route bolted in Bull Pot Kingsdale?

    Should've got some popcorn at the shop earlier...
  20. Andrew N

    Boxhead - Cracker in WET conditions

    I must admit it doesn’t look too bad when considering the forecast I saw