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    Bolting ethics underground and overground

    or maybe the point is that it was simply wrong and maybe if people understood that then the person in question will perhaps find out if he does indeed turn out to be a caver. and regardless, all cavers who read this may learn a little or may want to ask experienced climbers to explain the...
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    Bolting ethics underground and overground

    you will if you were to read more on the subject. that's not intended as a keyboard warrior slur, but an honest statement. but that aside, I was merely implying that if I were a detective challenged to solve the mystery, a caver is where I'd start. but even that wasn't the purpose of the...
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    Bolting ethics underground and overground

    The BMC were reporting that some uneducated fool has placed spit anchors on Low Man, Almscliff today. Someone watched a family group of granddad and co doing it to set up a top rope for messing about on classic easy routes. No climber would do this for fear of being tarred and feathered or...
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    Gaping Gill - Dihedral deviation is deceased

    Hi guys, Just to let you all know that I broke the big deviation on dihedral whilst de-rigging it on Saturday 31st May.  The spit ripped from the wall as I approached from below. There was always controvesy concerning whether a rope protector was needed or not - well I've ended the argument. ...