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    Ingleborough south west flank

    Has anybody associated any of the risings on the south west flank with any sinks on the plateau?Between Skirwith Cave and Moses Well.
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    Lucky caving helmet

    According to this book.  Cavers are superstitious.  Most have a ?lucky? piece of equipment like a lucky caving helmet.  Enter the cave in the same order etc.  I think not, but maybe I?m wrong.
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    Rock falls

    According to this ?fictional book? I?m reading.  Rockfalls are observed by cavers regularly.  Cavers doing the same trip also note new rockfalls every other trip. I?m wondering if anybody has observed a rockfall not caused by digging activities?
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    thought it was about caving

    I thought these  were about caving but I was wrong. Subterranean homesick blues.  Bob dylan. A song about missing caving. Bergerac. A programme about which device to use to descend the Berger Mulu n Rouge A film about what make up to wear in Clearwater Cave.
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    Lost due to volcano

    Just watching a volcano blow up and I was wondering if anyone is aware of a Limestone Cave that has been lost to a volcanic eruption?  Measured and mapped by cavers.  :coffee:
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    Armchair cave speculation

    Interesting area that near the bridge of skirfare sinks.  It seems out in the open given the width of the valley. Then again so is Spittle Croft.  The splittage around waterfall cave is interesting.  Permission of course is the main problem.  I?m sure a decent dig would be very rewarding. Yes I...
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    Armchair cave speculation

    Now that we are back in our armchairs can I speculate the greatest cave yet to be found in Britain. Yes it?s my favourite the Skirfare Master Cave.  How do we get into it? I?m suggesting Snurds Hole.  It?s near the main sink in Penyghent Gill, it?s thunderous in wet weather.  Due to the size of...
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    Hull pot

    Judging by a grass tide line. It looks like the Hull Pot lake over spilled probably a couple of weeks ago.  Don?t suppose anyone has any pictures?  Best I?ve seen was about 2 to 3 metres lower.
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    Found this interesting lecture on the exploration of the 150 mile long Lechiguilla Cave on YouTube. Maybe this is the The future of conferences while coronavirus is strong.  👍 There is a lengthy preamble but the caving talk I found to be excellent. https://youtu.be/yuXkohzyQ0A
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    Interesting walk today trying to avoid the crowds in the dales.  After a rough walk I came to a gate with a private sign.  I knew I was on right to roam so I took the sign down. Through the gate a track came up from the left.  Railway type sleepers the width of the road was followed for about...
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    How to catch the caving bug.

    Encouraged by a work colleague. I started caving in dry grots, a site helmet and hand held torch. I didn?t like the fact you had to move your head to see.  Pete had a miners helmet and a lead acid battery pack cadged off a miner in castleford he knew. I wasn?t prepared to fork out actual cash...
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    Great moments in caving

    During the lockdown I have been reminiscing about caving trips etc.  Apart from discovery which can get into a completely different league, I have been considering the best moment I have had in British caving.  It?s hard to nail it down to one moment but mine is: Otter Hole.  I was well aware...
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    Foot and Mouth

    Just as a comparison.  Can anyone remember the restrictions during 2001 foot and mouth restrictions.  1967 if you can remember that far back.  It?s different of course but my memory was that walking caving climbing etc was banned. I remember some farmers got, shall we say, very aggressive...
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    Rock virus

    Here is Where the  rock n roll virus started.  Patient zero little Richard. It spread throughout the world and was unstoppable.  Respect to little Richard who died of the unwelcome virus covid19 https://youtu.be/8SlOj_-_rTI
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    Old pics

    Wasn?t sure if I should have posted on wezzit.  Some old photos but where are they taken? Apart from one I?m not 100%. Sure.
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    SRT and discoveries

    I wonder which cave or pitch In the UK was the first to be originally explored using SRT instead of an electron ladder.  Is there any? I think it must be around the late 90?s.  Any takers?
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    Passage names

    I enjoyed reading how the late breakfast series in long kin west got its name from wardy.  Does anybody else have any insights into named bits of caves.  Why is battle axe pitch in lost johns. named when all above is religious.  What about squashed chihuahua in king pot. My contribution is...