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    New Mining Forum buddlepit.co.uk

    Sexy shafts in your area
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    New Mining Forum buddlepit.co.uk

    My local train station wifi doesn't like it. Just will not connect to the site at all.
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    I managed to save a list as list of all the mine locations on the map along with grid refs of the pins. (These were not always acurrate.) I did start making a website with the pins on a new map, but it took absolutely ages to manually convert it into a format to go on my map. I still have...
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    Mining engineer questions

    There's also a principle in archaeology 'If you don't know what it is, it's a religious shrine'
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    Underground Glamping

    Maybe the tobacco smoking ghost will make an appearance while your down there.
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    NAMHO Conference 2023

    Big thanks to all the people that made this possible. I had a good time and really enjoyed the trips I went on. I will probably be there next year (Location dependent)
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    Underground Glamping

    Cwmorthin now has better wifi than my house does
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    Thursday Nighters (North West Wales) 18/05/23

    Nice to see these coming back
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    Apedale Extended Tours

    Just an update for everyone, the tannoys have been replaced and the no 7s tours start up again on 13th May!
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    Not Guilty!

    Don't worry guys it's just the stuff out of my waders from last weeks explore
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    Apedale Extended Tours

    If anyones interested I enjoyed the tour so much back in May that I decided to do some volunteering there. A couple of weeks ago I was taken down on the old extended tour and I can see why they've had to put it on hold. Water has come up from the Silverdale connection and flooded the lowest...
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    Sallet Hole inaccessible

    I'm suprised it's took them this long to do it
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    Apedale Extended Tours

    Looks like the next set of tours have sold out already
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    Apedale Extended Tours

    I went down on Saturday and really enjoyed it. Apparently they can't do the no 7 drift tour anymore as they have an issue with the tnnoy and it's too expensive to fix.