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    Footloop as 'spare' length of rope

    This hits the nail on the head. The more versatile your rig, by virtue of carefully considering the knots and attachments, the better. Worst case scenario is that you have nothing else with you bar your own SRT setup. So my footloop setup is - Krab clipped to harness loop - barrel knot -...
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    How Bad is it to Tie Directly Into Plate Hangers?

    Just a question...? I know  it is not ideal but just how bad is it? Has anybody done any research? Thanks Hammy
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    Bolts - What's Best for our Caves?

    Bolt Products http://www.bolt-products.com/ProtectionBolts.html Stainless Steel Seem to be ok, certified EN 959, but need a massive hole and might need a bit of a whack with a hammer to get them in and may or may not be the right grade of steel. IC Resin Anchor...
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    Another Resin Anchor Website

    http://www.titanclimbing.com/index.html I like the look of these - can we have them in caves please? Better than the Earby Bolt, or is it the IC bolt, and any other bolt for that matter.
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    Why do we Kow Tow...

    I posed the question is it legal to cave on Leck and Casterton Fells without a permit (professional, digging etc excepted) Nobody came up with an answer. The caves are on access/CROW land. Trespass was mentioned. Trespass legally takes place on land, in the immediate airspace and in the...
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    Is it Lawful...?

    ...to go Caving on Leck and Casterton Fells Without a Valid Permit? I know it might seem a bit late in the day to be asking this but I've had a good look around the forum and elsewhere and can't find a direct answer to this question. Maybe someone better informed than myself can find a link...
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    International Cavers

    As a matter of interest, if I were an 'international' caver visiting from abroad attending such an event as Hidden Earth and I wished, during my visit, to enjoy trips in some of the major caving systems in the UK such as OFD and Easegill how would I stand with access?
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    Smoking in Caves

    Just a quick question to see what the general consensus is on the subject of smoking cigarettes in caves. Would folk consider this to be quite acceptable, or a grave breach of cave conservation standards? Thanks.
  9. H


    www.ukboltfund.org Should the caving world aspire to this 'shining example'?
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    Ladders are sooo 1970s - Re: Advice on Caves

    Why not buy or acquire SRT kits and become proper cavers? Ladders are sooo1970s... :)
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    Substitute BMC for BCA and see what you think..... http://www.ukclimbing.com/news/item.php?id=56766 I know what I think.....
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    El Chorro Caving Opportunities

    I'm off to El Chorro at the end of the month primarily to climb but I was wondering if anybody had any experience of caving there and had suggestions...
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    BCA and Access Campaigns

    In addition to being an enthusiastic caver I am also an active climber/hillwalker and canoeist. When looking at both the British Mountaineering Council (BMC) and the British Canoe Union (BCU) websites, I notice that they are both actively involved in campaigns for unhindered rights of access...
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    Easegill Trip - Pool Sink to County Pot Pull Through - Friday 9th March

    Starting the day with a leisurely morning meant we got to Bull Pot Farm at noon and stuck our heads underground at 1pm. The objective of the trip was some survey interpretation, navigation practice and familiarisation with the trade routes for my partner Joe, and since I know my way around...
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    Rhino Rift Info. Request

    Heading down to Mendip tomorrow for a days caving and would appreciate a little 'inside information'. Rhino Rift is on the menu and we have 'Top of the Pots' guidebook and general rigging guide. Is it gated? Would we be comitting a serious crime by entering without express permission? (We are...
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    Small Mammal Pot

    Anybody know this one? I've seen the stuff on Braemoors website but any further information gratefully received.
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    Awesome Wells Pot, North Yorkshire

    I was watching a tape of a TV programme from 1993 on Channel 4 about the development of climbing and caving equipment. In the bit about caving there is footage of 'Awesome Wells Pot, North Yorkshire'. Does anybody know where this is? I've never seen mention of it anywhere else and it does look...
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    Petzl Spelios - a hit or a miss....??

    Has anybody manged to lay their hands on one of these and given it a full-on test yet? I've read the review in the recent Descent and like the idea of it but whats it really like in practice?? What I'm really wondering is just how robust it is - those Elios helmets never feel as solid as an...
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    Trip organsation...

    Goodness what a palava!!! (is that how you spell it....??) Trying to arrange a trip for tomorow night - 5 people potentially interested but try and get them all to agree on the venue!!! I'm piggy in the middle and pretty cool about where I go but I've got everything from someone who doesn't...
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    Anyone know what this one is....??

    Was driving up the hill out of Ingleton a couple of weeks ago and spotted somebody lifting up an 'interesting' lid thing so stopped by today to see what there was in store....a covered 'pipe' leading down into caverns unknown!! So does anybody know whats down there?? (We were on a mission to...