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  1. Elaine

    Hidden Earth 2023 - We're Back!

    Noooo! I'm away that weekend.
  2. Elaine


    Hugh (my other half) thinks that Flower Pot is the worst cave ever. I didn't agree, I thought it was ok.
  3. Elaine

    A new cave on Mendips - The Last White Rabbit Hole (Tuska's Last)

    Wow, We (as the Templeton team) dug there for several weeks the first time it was opened about 7 years ago and I thought it was too fractured to ever be made safe. Well done.
  4. Elaine

    Friday joke - WARNING - contains swearing.

    Like this one?..... I used to be engaged to a man with one leg. Until I broke it off.
  5. Elaine

    Old Descent Magazines

    Descents have now been collected.
  6. Elaine

    Old Descent Magazines

    I shall be moving to a smaller house soon and need to get rid of some old Descent magazines. I have about 60+ issue 140 and earlier. The earliest edition I have is number 7. It's offered for free on an all or nothing basis. I'm in Somerset.
  7. Elaine

    Friday joke - WARNING - contains swearing.

    Sadly my attempts to combine nitrous oxide with oxo cubes just made me a laughing stock.
  8. Elaine

    Nigel Taylor

    Oh no! I hadn't heard this. Aw, sad.
  9. Elaine

    Mendip Wezzit?

  10. Elaine

    Mendip Wezzit?

  11. Elaine

    Mendip Wezzit?

    Bleadon Cavern?
  12. Elaine

    Mendip Wezzit?

    Shute Shelve Cavern?
  13. Elaine

    Mendip Wezzit?

    I have that photo on my wall. It's brilliant!
  14. Elaine

    Templeton is now locked

    Yes, Templeton now has an impressive lid over the hole (at about 25ft below field level) and is locked. Access as always is on digging nights with the diggers on Monday or Wednesday evenings. If you think we have put a lid on because we are about to break into mega cave, then you will have to...
  15. Elaine

    Templeton Visits

    The landowner at Templeton Richard Masters, has yet again told us that people have been visiting Templeton without permission. He lives at the bottom of the track on the main road and he sees (unknown to him) cars go down his track he gets worried. He has machinery etc in sheds and he does not...
  16. Elaine

    Stolen winch at Templeton

    The bottom winch at Templeton (on Mendip) appears to have been stolen. We certainly cannot find it anyway. It is not where it should have been. We did consider the possibility someone sneaked down and hid it as a joke, but we could not find it. Because it was Bank Holiday on Monday we have not...
  17. Elaine

    Singing River Mine

    Went there this evening, but could not open the padlock. All of us tried many times. There is a chance that I might have messed up and somehow brought the worng key but I can't see how. It went into the padlock ok, but would not turn. I will check my key is indeed a Mendip key, but meanwhile...
  18. Elaine

    Descent Calendar

    Bought through Descent anyway. It is lovely. Pictures are spectacularly fabulously brilliant. But it just has numbers 1 - 31 (or whatever) for each month. I need a space for writing something on too. Just posting this in case there is someone out there who might take pity on my needs for 2011.
  19. Elaine


    Whitelackington has had a bad accident, it was apparently a bit touch and go for a while, but he seems to be pulling through. I am afraid this means there will be no bbc news links for a few days whilst he recovers in hospital. However, fortunately, at least it seems that normal service will be...
  20. Elaine

    Swildons - the true story.

    13th December 2007 Hughie and Elaine. We had arranged to meet Les, Gnomie and a novice (that Les knew - turned out to be someone called John) somewhere in Swildons. They intended to go to Sump One and back if they had time, they would cut the trip shorter if necessary - depending on whether...