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    Cave paintings

    Paintings of Caves 1: Sacred to Mythical Paintings of Caves 2: Views, Birth, and Fantasy
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    Caving Supplies

    I remember visiting CS in Cheam (or North Cheam) in early 1976 for my first wetsuit, they moved north soon after. Don't recall the garage, but their spare bedroom was full of gear
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    New Mendip Cave

    Whoops. My mistake. Turns out it wasn't Joan. Although she saw it fairly soon after it appeared, she tells me it wasn't her who reported it as there was already a Somerset CC van parked next to it with its orange safety light on, waiting for traffic lights to be set up.
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    New Mendip Cave

    I believe this was first noticed a few weeks ago by Joan Goddard of the MCG (it's not far from our cottage). She parked up to make cars pull out to avoid the hole, called Highways, then remained at the roadside until they eventually arrived to cone it off. The temp traffic lights were on red...
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    Pinetree pot bolts

    Speak to Tim Francis, I assume you are in the MCG newsgroup
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    Stupid Swildon's questions

    Just a thought. Maybe make sure someone knows where you are going and when you are due out. And that they know how to call out Cave Rescue.
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    Search function problems

    Use a search engine, rather than the search function on the forum
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    Descent 294 - a new look

    Mine arrived today. A journey of 12 miles from Kendal, about 1 mile per day.
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    Cave temperature in Britain and Ireland

    Might help: https://www.cave-science.org.uk/publications
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    Cave temperature in Britain and Ireland

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    New record for living alone in a cave set by Spanish woman

    300 + 200 days. She left part way through and spent 6 days camping outside the entrance "After 300 days of voluntary confinement, Beatriz briefly walked out because she felt, according to sources familiar with the project, “the noise of the router in her brain,” alluding to the computer and...
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    Pc non-pc cave names

    What was the uncensored name of Blue Pencil Passing in Swildon's?
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    Wanted - Mendip underground 5th edition

    Scroll down to where it says: J-RAT'S BEQUEST In the weeks leading up to his death, Tony Jarratt very generously donated his remaining stock of the fourth edition of “Mendip Underground” and Herbert Balch's classic “Mendip - Its Swallet Caves and Rock Shelters” to the Mendip Cave Registry and...
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    'Mountaineering Underground'

    https://variety.com/2007/scene/awards/filming-planet-earth-1117966581/ For “Planet Earth” producer Huw Cordey, who spent 10 straight days living in a cave to film a single six-minute sequence, that’s amateur night. “It was like mountaineering — underground, in the dark,” Cordey says of the...
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    Historic mining lamp question

    Perhaps the manufacturer could? http://www.ethomasandwilliamsltd.com/
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    Bats in GB

    Er.... Bat Passage was discovered in, I think, 1966
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    Pictorial History of Swildon's Hole - Covers

    .. which suggests the LE brown copies were not leather bound?
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    Pictorial History of Swildon's Hole - Covers

    The blue/gold were a limited edition of 300
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    Historical Caving Attire