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  1. K

    Failure Modes - what's the chance of that?

    Really a follow on from the discussion on the lost Croll thread about self-lining on a ladder but what is the chance of a bolt or ladder failing versus just slipping off the ladder? Anyone got any experience of ladders/bolts failing? What was the cause?
  2. K

    Which waterproof compact camera?

    Santa may be feeling generous this year so which is best for caving, Lumix DMC FT1, Mju Tough 8000 or Powershot D10? From the reviews I've read the Lumix seems to be fairly well regarded but there seems to be little data on low-light performance
  3. K

    Cave geology/formation questions

    I have two geology related questions but there doesn't seem to be a specific topic for this type of question so I'm posting in the general area. [list type=decimal] Have any studies been done on the rate of passage development that is due to mechanical erosion rather than chemical (acidic)...
  4. K

    What is a "sporting cave"?

    I've seen the term "sporting cave" used in guide books for certain caves, just wondering what makes a cave sporting? Is there such a thing as an un-sporting cave? :)