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    Sheck Exley biography

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    Sheck Exley biography

    My local charity book store has a copy available for the princely sum of £3 - anyone want it? i can easliy put it in the post
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    Free tripod and a lens question

    Unitor auto telephoto. f=300 1:5. Is it any use to anyone? Phil
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    Goldie and Cox 2000 limestone pavement morphometry

    Hi Rob Hope all is well. Back in work Tuesday - will send it over then. Phil
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    Smart 1987 glaciokarst depressions paper

    Hi Rob For future reference i can access pretty much anything through the Leeds library
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    Crag House Cave - possibly Furness or Silverdale/Hutton Roof area

    Does anybody have any information about this site? I have some vertebrate remains collected from it on the 22/11/1969 but no further info. Phil
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    NOLSPEC reports -

    Does anyone know where i could access copies of NOLSPEC (North Lonsdale Speleological Club) reports? I am specifically seeking Volume 4 Book 4 but am interested in see any other volumes. I have already tried the RRCPC and BCRA libraries. Thanks
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    Dales science article in Yorkshire Live

    I tried to get a bit of publicity for recent cave science work in the Dales to show cavers do more than just have fun... https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/news/history/how-yorkshires-caves-key-digging-20701468
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    Hazelgrove caves reference question

    Please can anyone help me identify the origin of the text in the attached image? I only have this fragment with no other contextual information. Thanks
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    Hut opposite the Hill Inn

    I remember there being a small hut/doss in the car park opposite the Hill Inn - mid-late 80s ( I think) which may have been occupied by the Leeds and District Speleological Association. Can anyone provide any details? What was there, when was it open and which/what clubs occupied it. Thanks
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    Dales dye tracing database

    During the pandemic we have been trying to collate records of all the dye traces undertaken in the Yorkshire Dales karst. Our intention is to make this resource available to all. Having made a start on the project we are now seeking input from the caving community. The information we are looking...