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    BCA Council Elections

    Having helped to set up the voting, I have a list of the emails that were sent; yours was definitely sent, to ccc at your company. I've sent you a forum message showing the email with your voting code. If anyone else has the same issue then, as mentioned earlier in the thread, an email to...
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    Expedition training

    If it was a auto-belay system, then depending how it was done, there are various extra forces that might add effort. But what I'm asking is whether a system in which the caver is stationary does accurately replicate real prusiking. Yes, that part of the force is the same. That's the problem if...
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    Expedition training

    No, I'm not sure, so pick holes if you like. I'm not thinking of climbing speed, however, but work done, in the engineering meaning of work, force times distance (energy). As you stand up when prusiking in a cave, you are moving your own weight upwards against gravity by the amount of your step...
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    Friday joke - WARNING - contains swearing.

    The right type of blue for the Tory party is.... Norwegian Blue.
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    Expedition training

    I've been pondering designs for rope treadmills. I think it's important to climb, then lower, if you want to accurately simulate how fast you can climb. If you climb and lower at the same time, you're not raising your body weight, just pulling rope round the system. With a belayer, you might...
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    BCA Council Elections

    Two examples received, which is enough for diagnosis - don't need any more, thanks.
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    BCA Council Elections

    A lot of thought went into working out how to send 6000 emails without them being labelled as spam, and clearly it hasn't worked. It shouldn't be a problem in future years, as BCA is moving the membership communications to JustGo, an international company specialising in managing memberships...
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    Expedition training

    This uses a rack, but I don't think it's a continuous loop. http://forums.caves.org/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=13994 I don't know how to splice kernmantel rope to make it continuous.
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    Cryptic caves

    Robinson's it is. Over to you, grahams, unless you want to hand it to Fulk.
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    Cryptic caves

    Might be full of marmalade? (9,3)
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    Cryptic caves

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    BCA Annual General Meeting

    The elections now have their own thread, with a link to the details.
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    BCA Council Elections

    Following the AGM, at which candidates stood from the floor for the two remaining vacancies, preparations for the elections are in progress. Details are now on the BCA website: https://british-caving.org.uk/council-elections-2024/
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    BCA Annual General Meeting

    Correct. Standing from the floor is only possible if there are no prior nominations. The two nominations are for Individual Member Rep 2023-2023 (Jess Brock) and Group Member Rep 2023-2025 (Aodhán Ó Gabhann). Those positions were unfilled at the 3023 AGM. Zac Woodford withdrew his nomination for...
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    Audio archive

    Some more podcasts that may be of interest: https://rss.com/podcasts/undergroundramblings/
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    Marble Pot on the Allotment

    @Pitlamp, that link is to the downloaded file on your on computer. I think it's: https://www.geophotos.co.uk/karst-engineering/?smd_process_download=1&download_id=582
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    Bones found in mud banking

    I would look up the relevant Regional Council (CNCC, DCA...) and contact their conservation officer; they will know how to contact the archaeologists. But I see AR has posted while I'm typing, that's another good suggestion.
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    'Caving Memories' / 'Wilky' DVD - anyone recognise this?

    DVD-R was first available in 1997.
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    BCA Outdoors for All

    The download is automatic so that address is where your computer downloaded to. See https://british-caving.org.uk/documents/draft-minutes-may/
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    Humidity levels in a library?

    The National Archive is in a salt mine in Cheshire, naturally 60% and brought down to 50% as optimum. See http://www.essexrecordofficeblog.co.uk/visit-to-deepstore/