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  1. alastairgott

    No spray paint please!

    Deffo before banksy - https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/5_Pointz
  2. alastairgott

    Caver post: Whitewalls to Yorkshire Dales/York

    @Laura and @me my mistake, apologies, I had you in my weekend ledgers. I might do a return trip to NCC shafts just for nostalgia, hadn't realised you weren’t in our bookings cal. Last weekends holiday 😁 all the way to the Orpheus 🤣 must have thrown me out.
  3. alastairgott

    Caver post: Whitewalls to Yorkshire Dales/York

    Laura, if you need an undersuit for the YCC Derbyshire trip this weekend, I can take a look on Friday night at the hut and try and rustle something up. Might not be an all singing/dancing undersuit but better than nout.
  4. alastairgott

    BCA pros and cons

    Doesn't have to be competitive. If someone's coming with you on a trip, and they're less experienced than you, then you'll be calling the shots on things. Fell running was a parallel to us, but I failed to consider the differences with it being competitive. Another use of our friend Google does...
  5. alastairgott

    BCA pros and cons

    The fell Runners Association have a stipulation of Public liability insurance and for good reason. https://www.fellrunner.org.uk/fra/for-organisers Deaths have happened in fell racing, and people I know have been hauled up in front of a court to explain. Probably not the same event but there...
  6. alastairgott

    BCA pros and cons

    Apologies then, didn't quite know how the internet had spawned this love child of a thread, and Apologies Hannah. We're insured for £10Mill public liability. A quick google of public liability brought out this wiki page. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public_liability Take someone caving...
  7. alastairgott

    BCA pros and cons

    OP, I think you may be thinking about this the wrong way round, surely the question should be not what I can take out of the BCA/What has it done for me, but what can I give back to the BCA. cast your mind back one week where I assisted you with some Therion things. Whilst me doing this was not...
  8. alastairgott

    Eldon Pothole Club Website - Down

    A blast from the past but I’ll be able to see what you’d been upto on old moor now. Thank you rob and team. Ps. A small one, still navigable, but the side bar menu on mobile might need a tweak - showing as blank on mine.
  9. alastairgott

    Eldon Pothole Club Website - Down

    I've just tried to get on the EPC website, and it appears to be down at the moment.
  10. alastairgott

    Therion - Calculating altitude for labels from a previous station

    Thanks Andrew, I'm fairly sure we covered it in one of the sessions, but I can't say I've ever placed SD in any data, either in the classroom or after. I have looked it up this morning, to get the grey matter flowing, and found the below text which seems to add some context to implementation...
  11. alastairgott

    Therion - Calculating altitude for labels from a previous station

    I'd agree with Andrew, and knowing you're possibly surveying the dig in Aggy(?), you may only have a short section of survey which doesn't reference the altitude. As Andrew says, try fixing the data in your .th file. for an example in Derbyshire, we have: cs OSGB:SK #SK is the os map for...
  12. alastairgott

    Steam train on the Hope Valley Line and elsewhere 17/04/2024...........

    Damn, that’s close to my house. If only I were retired.
  13. alastairgott

    Helmet recomendations

    Thanks mark, I’ll see you again soon! thank you for the info on the winching session in early 80s, I’ll look that up in the library, great to briefly catch up.
  14. alastairgott

    Helmet recomendations

    Hi mark, I’m guessing this got snapped up, if not is it still available?
  15. alastairgott

    Missing nuts in Whalf!

    Clearly they’ve got the rock to work on the nut again. I’ve been there a few times and seen fresh scratches in the concrete from a rock being used to nudge the nut. Anyone going to those lengths isn’t going to assist us with kindly placing the nut back on the bolt after looking down the shaft.
  16. alastairgott

    Cycling from SWCC

    I remember watching this, going past the botanical gardens 50 miles (80km?) It seems to be a loop, the botanical gardens (west side of loop) being an hour away by car from SWCC, so the near (east) side of the loop must be closer?
  17. alastairgott

    Environment Agency Water Depth Logger in Castleton

    Had teams in today and it was ok.
  18. alastairgott

    The Assault Course via Peak Cavern.

    I’m sure spontaneous inspiration from trip reports is within the bounds of the permitted responses of a trip report. Politics and religion is probably out of bounds and maybe declaring a hatred of all who steer too close to the hells angels. 😅
  19. alastairgott

    Old broken Suunto surveying equipment

    Repurpose as a steampunk light-emitting necklace? Or the metal bit as a base for a very small snowglobe? Or one of those really annoying puzzles that you have to get 9 ball bearings into 9 sockets? Or a rather large keepsake/lockett? On the same vain/vein/vane (sp?) a makeup thing? With...
  20. alastairgott

    The Dump

    Can someone with the ability - lock this topic. so the club involved can deal with itself behind closed doors?