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    Stumbled across this little gem. Take a very close look at the URL before you hit reply.
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    BCA legal officer - Linda Wilson? Really?

    I have acquired some information that seems to present a rather disturbing proposition. To put Linda Wilson, long time opponent of CRoW, into the position of Legal Officer for the BCA. Now, if I remember correctly from threads on here, this is the same retired solicitor that sat in opposition...
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    BCA membership (Split from "How many caving clubs, and how many caves?")

    We (DDDWH CC) are no longer BCA members. Much as some were striving to do good work (Badlad, et al), there seemed to be a pandering to sore losers. An organisation that even appears to allow that is not one we wish to be associated with. We're still very much a club, but without the BCA...
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    Church House caves, Creswell

    Can someone point me in the right direction for access, assuming there is any? I've been asked by someone to find out. I *think* it's the right forum.
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    Tutorial(s) on Surveying.

    Until now, I have done scratchings on paper, rough distances paced out, and a rough outline, and it's been adequate for what we need. However, we want/need something more definitive. I have a laser distance meter, and it's accurate to my non-stretch tape. However, how do I get those distances...
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    CCC Newsletter - Feb 2015

    Very interesting stuff in this months newsletter. Some very hard work appears to be nearing completion. Congratulations to all involved, especially the late Elsie Little.
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    Contacting the GCC re: Access.

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can help. I am trying to contact the GCC to arrange access to somewhere. The only contact I can dig up is the ex-secretary, and even an email to him asking for new contact details bounces. If anyone has an email, phone number or address, I would appreciate it.
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    Roof fall in Cambrian, N.Wales

    Just a heads up, there has been a significant roof fall at the "daylight" entrance in Cambrian slate mine. A large block has decided it was bored with being part of the roof, and wanted to be part of the floor. It has come down directly on the path used to navigate this chamber, near the small...