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  1. ImperialCollegecaver

    PhD position, starting ASAP. The record of Devil's Hole 2, Nevada

    Caves and paleo-climate The Quaternary Research Group at the University of Innsbruck (Austria, has an exciting new 3-year PhD position on the study of paleo-hydroclimate in southwest Nevada, USA. The immediate focus will be to extend our recently published paleo water...
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    PhD position on ice caves at University of Innsbruck

    A PhD position has opened up at the University of Innsbruck, in the field of meteorology and glaciology, applied to ice caves. Further details:
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    The Hollow Mountain III (2013-2017)

    THE HOLLOW MOUNTAIN III (2013-2017) Now available for purchase The new caving journal by Imperial College Caving Club (ICCC) and Jamarska Sekcija PD Tolmin (JSPDT) is now available for order. This volume covers the exploration of Tolminski Migovec over five expeditions from 2013 to 2017, a...
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    Supporting a dive in Hirlatz H?hle - Dachstein (Pt.1)

    A tour to Donnerbach Siphon, Hirlatz H?hle Dates: Wednesday 31st October, Sunday 4th November Present: Wetti Wielander, Peter Hu ?bner, Katharina Bitzer, Georg Bitzer, Tanguy Racine Aim: To support a diving excursion to the Donnerbach Siphon, to survey two canyons in the vicinity of Pendler...
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    Washfold, ICCC, CHECC Grand Prize entry

    12th February 2017 After an epic Top Sink to Mistral traverse on the Saturday, Rhys and I have a crack at Washfold, a cave new to both of us, while the rest of the group head to the altogether more popular Alum The muscles around my shoulder blades ached abominably on Sunday morning. The night...
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    CHECC Grand Prize - ICCC "Finding a pitch series at depth in Slovenia"

    During the 2016 Neprehojene Poti expedition to Tolminski Migovec Slovenia ICCC planned to push a newly connected cave system: Primadona. Memory of the distant, deep leads had faded, but there was hope that we could discover a new way down to the deep end (-600m in that part of the cave). Here...
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    CHECC Grand Prize - ICCC - Caving in Llangatock

    Tanguy Racine, Will Scott Saturday: Everyone looked grimmer than usual on the morning, no doubt due to the prolonged Friday evening a trip to Wales enables. Only Will Scott accepted the offer to go caving in Daren Cilau. The daunting entrance crawl was probably compensated by the promise of...
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    CHECC Grand Prize - Vesper Spectacle exchange and Alum for good measure !

    I hit the dough with an iron fist. With a thump my hand disappeared into the bowl, sinking. 1.5kg of flour, and half a litre of water. I grabbed the ball of yet-to-proove pizza dough, lifted it into the air and hit it again vigorously. After ten minutes, I sprinkled flour on it , and put it in a...