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  1. snebbit

    No spray paint please!

    Spotted in Gavel recently someone had scratched 'KEEP OUT, SUICIDAL FUCKS' into the limestone at the bottom of the second pitch - managed to smooth it off a little but it's still visible, not sure how would be best to deal with that when it's physical damage to the rock? Maybe take a wire brush...
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    Fusion Cavern in Boundary Pot?
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    Good caves near PSM? (France)

    There are online checkers like this one, you can just enter your reg. You shouldn't have a problem if you're just passing by the major cities by motorway to get somewhere else. From what I gather, Paris being an exception, the other zones are dynamically ramped up depending on current air...
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    16340 batteries

    Also to check with cheaper cells is whether they're protected cells - these have a tiny circuit soldered on to the top that helps prevent some dangerous situations for Lithium cells. Unprotected cells will still work, but you should probably do as much as you can to prevent lithium fires taking...
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    16340 batteries

    From my own experience of too-good-to-be-true mAh values, they will be incredibly disappointing (possibly performing worse than your Nitecore 700mAh ones). Especially if they're not willing to put a brand name to the cells, they're usually junk. I've had good experiences with Keeppower cells...
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    AI Wezzit

    Space Mine, in F'ing Hopeless Pot?
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    Of The Witches or Of The Kingsdale?
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    How's this
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    Gavel, second pitch?
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    Gaping Gill May 24

    Time for that biannual thread begging for details of which entrances have been rigged, if any BPC members would be kind enough to tell as the ropes go in? Thanks in advance - Work-shy weekday cavers
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    Beaver undersuit mens S/M £30

    I wish Beaver still made these!
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    Ignoring Threads etc.

    In case it's any help, I use uBlock (adblock browser extension) to hide threads from What's New on here. Right click on the offending thread, Block Element, and find whatever selector in the list you can see that shows the thread's numerical ID.
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    What size bag do I need to take kit on a plane

    Having just had the nightmare of packing this evening, I've just about managed to get caving gear for two people in a 24kg case, along with above-ground clothing and a box of bran flakes. Even our wellies and a 40m rope in there. Would've been a hell of a lot easier being able to pack SRT kit...
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    It is 👍
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    Wezz this chilly intro to a Dales cave?
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    Apostles in F'ing Hopeless?
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    Guide Books for France

    Grottes et Gouffres de Haute Savoie is in French but has QR codes on each trip entry which take you to English PDFs
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    France: Merveilleuse-Vertige

    Thanks all! 'The lowest of ebbs'...
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    France: Merveilleuse-Vertige

    Has anyone done this through-trip in the Borne massif of the French Alps before, or know anyone who has? A less famous and more recent through-trip than its neighbour, the Diau. It looks great on paper and I have detailed guidebook routes and surveys, but I just can't see much about it online...